Monday, October 5, 2009

Trouble in the Neighborhood.

Ryan and I live in a very comfortable, middle class neighborhood. It's right off of Robinson road, behind Westwinds church. There is virtually no traffic- our neighborhood is a big circle, so usually if there is a car driving around it belongs to someone in the subdivision. We feel super blessed to live here- and its all thanks to my dad (and mom :) - if it weren't for them, we'd probably be living in some jankity apartment. But since my dad is a contractor for Stoneridge, we got a GREAT deal on our land in the Stoneridge subdivision and of course, our house was built AT COST. We are so grateful and thankful for that. :) And all was good until the other day when we got this letter in the mail. It was from a neighbor down the road- apparently last Thursday night, his 7 year old son was riding his bike up and down the sidewalk in front of the houses. His dad was mowing the lawn and keeping an eye on him. A tan 2 door car pulled up and his dad could see that the man was talking to his son. So he turned off the mower and kind of stood there, just watching. He saw his son shake his head "no" and then the car pulled out of the subdivision. Joe (the dad) asked his son who that was... the kid told him he didn't know. He also said the man in the car asked him if he was cold and wanted to get in to warm up. Thank GOD the kid said no- then the man asked him if he wanted a ride home... again, the kid said no. That's when the car drove off. Upon hearing this, Joe jumped in his car and tried to find this "mysterious" car. No luck :( This letter terrified me- I mean, Maeve would NEVER be outside alone, but still- to think that someone like that was prowling around in our neighborhood is just sickening and frightening. This morning as I pulled out of our subdivision, I saw 2 handmade signs that read "This neighborhood watches and protects its children"- each one was propped up on either side of the road. And tonight after running out for some coffee, we pulled in to find a police car parked right outside our house. Ryan asked what was going on- thank goodness nothing was, but because of the little incident last Thursday, they were going to be putting a cop in our neighborhood at random times. Scary stuff.
I do feel better that there are cops patrolling around, but what the heck??? I really thought we lived in one of those great, kid- friendly kind of neighborhoods. But I guess it just goes to show you, it can happen anywhere. But it's put me on edge- I'm nervous to be here alone at night (when Ryan has class on Tuesdays) and I don't want anyone (strangers that is!) knowing I have a little girl in here. I've been up checking on Maeve all through the night- double checking the locks on her window and having nightmares about walking in her room and finding her crib empty. I'm sure preggo hormones are playing into this, but... yeah, the anxiety is pretty high at this point. I am praying that the police patrols will keep this creepo away. But I think its definitely a wake up call for all of us that "they're" everywhere!

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jennifer said...

This is scary, Ashley. Thanks for posting about it. I saw the signs at the road and wondered what was going on. We live just around the corner and I appreciate the heads up so I can talk to my children about it. They are all so friendly and will talk to anyone... stranger danger has always been a worry for me.