Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Few Days of Oct.

It's funny- I am SO ready to not be pregnant and meet this little guy, but on the same hand its a bit depressing to know that my one on one time with Maeve is slowly coming to an end... okay, that's REALLY depressing. We have a great schedule worked out and each day is a blast with her- and I'm really not exaggerating- sure, we have tough days but I truly, truly enjoy our time together and I wouldn't trade a minute of it. With all that said, I've been packing our calender and days with things that I know we aren't going to be able to do once the turkey makes his appearance (at least things we won't be able to do right away...).

A few days ago, Maeve and I took a trip up to Chuckie Cheese- it was SO MUCH FUN! She played hard for a couple of hours and zonked herself out on the way home. We've also been soaking up these last few days of "nice" weather ("nice" meaning its not raining...) and going to the park. I'm not sure what's going to happen when it snows and we literally cannot go outside to play. Maeve will not be a happy camper... I've also been on this cooking/baking kick- and while Maeve can't sit there for the whole 30/45 minutes it takes to make something, she does like pouring things in the bowls, licking the mixers and eating the finished product. :) Just this week alone, we've made pumpkin spice cookies, chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookies & those amazing apricot bars I blogged about a few weeks ago. (I know what you're thinking- "Ashley if you're going to be cooking up all that stuff don't complain about your weight anymore!"

Maeve holding a box of cookies we baked for Dadda...

Tuesdays have quickly become my favorite night of the week- strange, because its the one night Ryan's not home- he has night class until 9:50. When he first registered for that class I was upset, thinking "WOW that's going to be one packed day of no rest and all play for me!" But it's turned out to be a wonderful thing. I call it "Maeve & Mom day." We go out for dinner (no sense cooking for just us)- usually its "Culvers"- I love their chicken sandwiches and Maeve gets a free scoop of custard. We also visit my mom out at the studio and Maeve gets to dance with the big girls for a little bit. Then we either come home, take a bath and watch a movie until Daddy gets home (yes I let her stay up to see Ryan- she is SUCH a daddy's girl and loves it when he tucks her in at night :) or we run some late night errands. Last week we went to "Michaels" to pick up some craft supplies for her upcoming birthday.:) I know once the baby comes, our sweet little Tuesday nights will no longer exist, so I'm really trying to take advantage of them while I can.

Another big hit around here has been "colors" (aka coloring). Maeve BEGS to "colors" all day long. Not a big deal right??? That's what I thought, but its really, REALLY not a good idea to leave a 2 year old alone with a pack of crayons. She had never really strayed from the coloring book (maybe a little on the table here and there) but the other morning while I was making breakfast and Maeve was using her "colors" she snuck in the hallway and did her "colors" all over the wall... and of course it just had to be a red crayon. So this makes for a dilemma- the kid wants to color ALL THE TIME but I can't have my eyeballs glued to her 24/7- especially when I'm in the kitchen either cooking or doing dishes (there's a big wall that separates the kitchen from the living room). There have been many tantrums pitched because I won't let her color while I'm in the kitchen unless she's in her high chair (and of course she refuses the bring on the tantrums).

Maeve & her coloring destruction. I really don't find it to be a big deal... it comes right off with those magic eraser things. But Ryan, who is set on selling this house is kind of going nuts finding random drawings on the floors, walls, cabinets, etc.
Weekends are filled with what else, but football. I'm not going to try and hide it- I couldn't care less about football (or any other sports except for the Olympics). It's funny, I see a ton of my girlfriends on facebook with "football-ish" status's and no matter how hard I try, I can't get excited or even interested in it. My husband however, is addicted. Therefore, football is on the tv all the time. He's even taught Maeve how to scream "TOUCHDOWN" and throw her hands in the air. He is more pleased with this than he is with her ABC's or counting to 10. Hmmm... Today is the big MSU vs. U of M game and just to bust his chops I'm rooting for U of M. I also dressed Maeve in gold & blue today :) haha... And trying to get in the spirit of the game, I made a big football food spread... my husband is very happy :) And he'll be even happier if MSU wins.

Our mini football party... Maeve LOVES playing with the black olives (what kid doesn't?) I'm not sure how much food she actually ate, but there are squashed olives all over the living room...
Our next few weekends are packed- and I love it. It speeds the month up which brings me closer to November!!! Next weekend is Maeve's "real" birthday (OMG TWO!!!!!!!!) The weekend after that is her birthday party (invites are in the mail on Monday- I PROMISE!) The weekend after that, we're taking her to the zoo boo walk up in Battle Creek, and the weekend after that is HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN!!! We're also making a few trips out to "Flavor Fruit Farms," although that all hinges on the weather so who knows when exactly we'll make it out there. We've all been feeling pretty well lately and I'm crossing my fingers that it stays that way! There is so much to do and tons to get in... but I do have to say, I love fall... and I love how this fall is going so far.


Kase and Jules said...

Fun post girl! I am DYING to see your little man!! Not too much longer. You will LOVE having a boy :) I promise you will! I am IN LOVE with my 2 boys!!

Jessica Perry said...

I had those same feelings before Iris was born...only a few more weeks of just Mommy and Jordan time:( There have been many moments in the last 2 weeks (since we had the baby) that I get really sad thinking about how I'm not able to take him outside in the evenings or get his jammies on at night or feed him breakfast on the weekends. Mike does that stuff while I'm nursing and taking care of the baby. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it's hard not being able to give all your attention to your first born like you used to. I hope that didn't sound selfish...I'm truly loving my time with Iris, but you know what I mean.

What is the Boo walk in Battle Creek? I love fun things to do at Halloween time!

I made those apricot bars and they were yummy!! Thanks for the recipe. I'm ready for a playdate, maybe this week? Let me know!

Sarah said...

I know how you feel. It makes me really sad to to think about not being able to give Austin all my attention. Im afraid he will get jealous. I have heard, if you let them help with the new baby as much as possible, they won't feel like you aren't giving them all your love anymore. It is really sad though.