Monday, September 14, 2009

weekend plans & a SHOT

I just got an awesome "grandma" card in the mail (ya know the ones that contain gift cards and a check that make you feel like a kid again??) and realized- HOLY CRAP its my birthday this week! WAHOOOO! I mean I KNEW it was this week, but we hadn't made any plans and I really haven't been thinking about it. So after just a teensy little bit of convincing, I have talked Ryan into getting away this weekend- the three of us :) Yes, my mom volunteered to take Maeve- she desperately wants a sleepover with MaeMae!- but I truly, honestly LOVE to be with her- my birthday wouldn't be nearly as fun without my maebug.
SO the plan is that Ryan is going to get off of work early on Friday, and we're going to head up to DEEEE-troit. On the way we're planning on stopping at the Chelsea Treehouse- I take Maeve there a lot by myself, but since I am giant and preggo I probably shouldn't be climbing through those tubes and sliding down the slides- so it will be awesome to have Ryan there to take Maeve through all the stuff. After the treehouse, its dinner in Ann Arbor (still deciding on where to eat... so many options....) THEN its up to the Westin- yes our FAVORITE hotel! We booked a room overlooking the Northwest tarmac so Maeve can sit and watch the airplanes (she's gonna love it!) After a night of renting "still in theater" movies (YEA for "Time Travelers Wife!!!") and room service, we're going to go to "Great Lakes Crossing" for a little shopping. There are still a few baby items that need to be bought and Maeve needs some fall clothes, so that should be fun. :) I'm really excited :) Oh yeah- we're also looking forward to the pool and I'M looking forward to a spa treatment at the Westin :)

OKAY- so about the shot- I probably should make a separate post about this but I'll just mush it into one. At my last OB appt. I was told that I needed to get the seasonal flu shot (no biggie I guess- still freaks me out to get a flu shot while preggo) AND when the swine flu vaccine comes out apparently, I'll be first in line (well all preggo women will be). Like I said, I'm okay (semi-okay) with getting the flu shot while preggo- but I am NOT okay with the swine flu shot. I wasn't planning on giving it to Maeve nor was I planning on getting it myself. I was kind of shocked my OB wanted me to have it. I nodded and said okay, but after researching it a bit, I am thinking its a no on the swine flu vaccine. UGHHHH I just don't know though! It's so hard- I'm trying to weigh the risks/benefits... but I am so wishy washy with it. My question that I REALLY want to know is, WHAT IS YOUR FAMILY DOING ABOUT THE SWINE FLU? If you're preggo, are you getting it? Would you get it? Are you giving it to your kids? TELL ME!!! I want to know!!! I am scheduled to get my flu shot tomorrow afternoon and that's freaking me out enough- but at least that vaccine has been around for awhile.

Please give me your thoughts on this! I really want to know!


Kase and Jules said...

DO NOT do the swine flu vaccine sister :) PLEASE don't.

The Paulk's said...

I'm glad you brought up the topic! I talked to my sister tonight who is 16 weeks preggo and a pharmacist. I asked her if she was going to get it and she said that per her doc's reccommendation she probably will. However, she said that she didn't know if this one, like the regular flu is preservative free but if it is to definitely ask to get the preservative free kind.

As for myself and our kids, I'm up in the air. I wish I was more educated about vaccinations. I read a book on it, but it seemed to be very very very against vacinating all together and I'm not for that. With that said, I haven't decided whether I'm going to get it for the kids or not...I don't have enough information to make that decision yet.

I suppose my suggestion is STOP reading the internet because that's what I've done in the past and I get FREAKED OUT by everything I read. Instead talk to some people you TRUST who are educated in that areas (Maeve's pediatrician, your MD, nurses, etc.). Hopefully they can give you some things to think about and give you an unbiased opinion. Hope that helps (even though it doesn't really:))!

Ashley said...

Well I am getting my flu vaccine today- luckily I have a great midwife who is also a good friend of mine- she told it to me straight- she had the flu vaccine during both of her pregnancies and has no qualms about it. So I said okay- I will get the flu shot... BUT the swine flu is a different story. I am probably not going to get that one. Either is Maeve- and actually I just heard that kids under the age of 9 shouldn't get the regular flu shot. so who knows.... more reading/talking/praying/researching I guess...