Thursday, September 10, 2009

29 week appt.

I'm not going to go into numbers anymore with my weight because its insane- out of control and embarrassing. Apparently my body is just packing on the pounds- even when I feel like I am eating a whole lot less. I've cut out fried foods, sweets, pop, etc. Sticking to home cooked meals, bagels for breakfast & usually a bowl of cereal for lunch. HOW THE HECK am I gaining massive amounts of weight???? NO CLUE. The worst part is my doc. is not even the least bit concerned- he has told me twice now that I shouldn't worry about it- easy for him to say since he isn't the one who's gained xx lbs. UGH you have no clue how awful it is to step on the scale and see it jump up by leaps and bounds.

I also had my glucose test today- haha before I left for it I was saying how the orange drink was pretty good tasting. For some reason today, it was awful. It made me sick to my stomach and I felt super shaky afterward- I'm hoping that's not a bad sign- like my sugars are bad or something... although- that could explain the crazy weight.

As far as my regular appointment went- good & bad news- the good? I am measuring almost a full 2 weeks ahead (PRAISE THE LORD- that would put me at delivering in mid november rather than late november.) but the bad news is they STILL won't change my due date- wth??? I've consistently measured ahead but this time he was measuring WAY ahead- my docs explanation? The turkey hit a growth spurt... hmm... apparently we'll check his growth next time and then my doc will make the decision to change my due date or not- PLEASE CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR ME!!!

Another not so great thing is that the baby is transverse- meaning he's got his feet wedged up on one side of my belly and his head/hands wedged up on the other side. He better flip HEAD down! I DO NOT want a C-section!!! AHHH! Again, my doc said I have a few weeks until we need to really start to be concerned with his position... in the meantime I will be googling how to flip your baby head down :)

That about sums up my appt. I will update as soon as I get my sugar results back... :)


Angie B said...

I will be praying for you :)

Leslie Collins said...

I felt the same way after my glucose test this time. It was worse this time around than with Reyna. Mine turned out just fine....hope your's does, as well. I am sure it's fine.

Hope this little guy flips soon.

Sarah Ely said...

I tried to have Tessa turned...didnt work, but I would go for it, if it comes to that point. I know some ppl say it hurts but it did not bother me a bit. They tried three times

The Paulk's said...

Dr. P's wife gained 70-some pounds, he told me, and that wasn't with their twins...maybe that's why he's not so concerned :).

I'll be praying for you and that the babe will get that head down!

Kase and Jules said...

Don't stress about your weight!! You will totally lose it :) Let us know about the glucose!