Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Maeve "Conversation"

I figured I should probably start posting these little blurbs of conversation I'm having with my 2 year old... It's adorable and I don't ever want to forget these moments- and since its just not practical to have a video camera on 24/7 I guess blogging/writing it down is the next best thing...

Maeve: "Ohhhh noooo..."

Me: "What does that mean?"

Maeve: "Poo poooooos."

Me: "Yuuuuckky Maeve... you stink bomb!" :)

Maeve: "It's okay! It's okay! It's in diapers!!"

Oh my sweetness :) We've been having issues with her pooping/peeing in her diaper lately- she has been pulling the tabs off of her dipe which makes it slide down and it results in an accident- actually let me clarify this- she does NOT poop without a diaper on- but she will pee. I know its time to start with the potty, but every time I try and get her to sit on it she freaks out (yes- even the baby potty). So who knows... I'm just letting her take her time with it. But anyways, apparently she has caught on to my frustration with her taking her diaper off- and as long as the poo poo is in the diaper, its okay! :)


Angie B said...

aw hahaha thats hilarious!

Sarah Ely said...

Too cute! Tessa did the same thing, she would freak out so I put her little potty in the main room and took off her diaper, and yes there were some accidents but she did finally start to sit on it and go. We are still working on the potty training.