Sunday, September 27, 2009

Keeping My Eye On The Prize!

I know you are all getting super annoyed with my blogging pity parties... I truly am sorry and I hope that sometime in the near (very near) future I will have something fun to post about- Maeve and I both need it!

It's so crazy how one pregnancy can be so drastically different from the next. I thought Maeve's pregnancy was hard- haha- that was a beautiful walk in the park compared to this one. And I'm sure its because I don't really have any down time. Today I went shopping with my bestie Ang & Maeve. It was an awesome afternoon- Maeve did wonderful (until she had a poop explosion and I pinched her finger in the stroller...ahhh!) It wasn't until I stepped in the door that I realized how bad my body was hurting. I was having braxton hicks like crazy, my head was pounding, my groin was aching and my poor, poor feet were literally purple from all the pressure. (Angela can attest to this-) I never swelled with Maeve- towards the end my hands got a little bulgy I guess, but that is IT. I've heard lots and lots of preggo women complain about swelling and yeah, it looked uncomfortable but I didn't realize how bad it really is! It downright HURTS! I can't bend my fingers and my feet and ankles throb! It's a little scary too just because you can see that physically something is not right with your limbs- weird... after spending a few hours on my feet this afternoon you could press on them and it would leave an indent- I was both enthralled and appalled by this :) I couldn't stop pushing on my feet- haha and I had to show Ryan and my family at dinner how long a thumb print could stay on my foot :)

The exhaustion is overwhelming me- I am trying SO HARD to remain functioning- meaning keeping up with the cleaning/cooking/errand running but I am dragging. DRAGGING. I go to bed every night feeling like I ran a marathon... and then for some odd reason, insomnia sets in and, well, here I am at 9:45 PM blogging when I really should be SLEEPING.

I do have to say that I feel very blessed. I may have cankles, itchy, burning stretch marks and a pounding head, BUT I have a healthy baby (to the best of my knowledge!). He is currently rolling around, rubbing is heels up and down the side of my stomach and battling a case of the hiccups :) I have to keep remembering this- however hellish this pregnancy gets, however many stupid comments I get about my whale-like appearance, and however badly this pregnancy distorts my body, I have a healthy baby.


Kase and Jules said...

Good girl! I like this post. I don't blame ya though, I despise pregnancy :/ I am terrified to do it again. This pregnancy was harder than my first too and then I had to squeeze out a nine pound flippin' baby!

Angie B said...

ya, its ok to vent! that is what blogs are for ;) and yesss a healthy baby :)

Angela said...

The purple indented feet were scary, but I had a great time with you and Maeve. Thanks for sacrificing your body for my shopping pleasure and of course for the little turkey a'bakin.