Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And the list keeps growing :)...

I THOUGHT I was set on gifts for Maeve's birthday- and in all actuality I am :) She doesn't need another darn thing- BUT I keep coming across these adorable things that I just *have* to get :) Ryan goes a bit crazy when I come home with yet another Toys R' Us bag... but I told him that now we're starting to spill into Christmas :) But just tell me, HOW CUTE IS THIS and THIS??? I bought Maeve a set of M&D food toys (the fruit set) in St.Augustine over spring break- and they are so cute & high quality :) So when I was browsing the website and saw the sets of sushi & wok food I fell in LOVE! :) Ahhhh!!!

Also, two of Maeve's favorite toys to date, have been her Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Kitchen & Home. They're still in our living room (taking up an insane amount of space) and she plays with them daily. Sooooo when I saw this Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Farm I knew that was going to have to go on the "Christmas List" as well. My favorite feature of this toy is that its got a chicken that lays eggs (the eggs fly down a chute... HAHA cute!) Since Maeve's birthday is coming up, we got a coupon in the mail from "Geoffry's Birthday Club" so I think I'm going to use it on that... but wait until Christmas to give it to her.

Other things that I am keeping an eye on are THESE snap & style dolls. They're awesome because they're made for 2 year olds-even though on the site it says 3yrs- on the box, it says 2 yrs :) (meaning no choking hazards!!!) & they're big and bulky enough that Maeve can get the dolls dressed. She played with these at a little friends house and LOVED them. They can also be mixed & matched... so I'm sure we'll have a few sets of these on the list too :) I am also trying to convince Ryan that we need a train table... we're finishing our basement this winter and it would be PERRRRRRRFECT for downstairs. I guess we'll see on that one.


Angela said...

I am planning on being at Maeve's
Birthday Party so please leave me something to get her! Maybe Aunt Angela can get the snappy dolls or something else...I just need ideas because I don't want to duplicate like I did with the turkey's clothes.

Ashley said...

YEA! You're coming!!! :) You don't need to get her anything- hey are you bringing Kevin? :) I want to meet him!