Tuesday, September 22, 2009

give me the news.

Okay here is a pic of my 30/31 week belly with baby boy:

And here is a picture of my belly at 30/31 weeks with Maeve:

So give me the verdict- how HUGE am I this time around??? My doc says he's pretty sure the baby will be in the 7 lb. range... but I'm not so sure. I had a really hard time pushing Maeve out (an hour & a half) and she was a teeny 6 lbs.! Anxiety is starting to set in that I will have to push out a 10 lb. watermelon... yikes!


Angie B said...

its hard to tell also cuz ur pic with maeve is closer than this one...

The Paulk's said...

You're definitely bigger this time around, but it's also your second baby which I think makes a difference.

It only took me a little over an hour to push out my almost 10 pound watermelon :), so don't stress too much!

jennifer said...

I don't think you're any bigger, Ashley, just carrying different. Maeve seemed to be higher and taking up more room up into your diaphragm, but baby boy looks like he is straight out.

You can do this!