Saturday, September 19, 2009

Detroit September '09

I am exhausted from all the walking and driving we've done in the past two days but I really wanted to get these pictures up... I figure they can do the "story telling" of our awesome one night vacay :)

"Road Trip" up to Detroit...

We had to make a few pit stops thanks to my preggo bladder :)

We found a "Red Robin" by the airport- call me crazy, but I've always wanted to eat there- so that's what I "chose" for my birthday dinner :) It was GREAT!!!

Checking in the hotel... even though we've taken Maeve there a bunch of times, she was finally old enough to really think it was cool ;) She loved the trees and the rock pond in the lobby- and she couldn't get enough of the glass elevators :)

SWIMMING!!! Notice the awesome view in the background- yes, that's the tarmac- not sure why Ryan and I think this is so cool- but we do :) And so does Maeve...

My COOKIE CAKE! we had a blast eating it- all 3 of us- with our hands... since we forgot utensils :)

Watching airplanes... Maeve's fave. thing to do :)

After I got my pedi- Maeve had to have her toe nails painted too...

Queen Maeve- we had her playpen set up but she ended up crashing in the middle of the bed. :)

Great Lakes Crossing Mall- an amazing place :) We spent all day Sat. here... playing, shopping, eating... they also have an indoor amusement park & a carousel- you can really spend all day there!


The Paulk's said...

HOW FUN!! I love that you guys go to the same place everytime :)!

PS. Riley has the same polka dot dress/leggins in green :)!

Angie B said...

glad u had a great time!! and Maeve looks so old! :)