Sunday, August 2, 2009


Okay ladies! LOTS of great finds this week- unfortunately due to a VERY tired momma (ME) we only made it to Target this morning for a quick trip. This week I am planning on definitely doing the diaper deal at CVS & of course continuing to load up on free games/play doh at Target... BTW if you're wondering what the heck I do with 15 "Barrels of Monkey" games, I am planning on donating them to "Toys for Tots" at Christmas time- like I said, these are totally free- WITH OVERAGE... so why not???

here's my Target breakdown:
4 bottles of Palmolive- 1.47 each
2 tubes of party playdoh-4.44 each
1 Barrel of monkey game- 4.79 (these are 4.99 but right now they're 15% off)
2 packs of Renuzit odor eliminators :)-1.79 each
4 packs of BIC pens-99 cents each
4 packs of BIC pencils-1.29 each
4 cans of shaving cream- 2.29 each
3 blueberry picking buckets- well actually its a sand bucket (not pictured)-1.00 (used for overage)

TOTAL before coupons: $44.45

Coupons used:
(4) 1.00 off Palmolive Target coupons
(4) 1.00 off Palmolive MANUFACTURER coupons (remember target & Manu coupons can be combined!!!!)
(3) 5.00 off Hasbro TARGET coupons
(2) 1.00 off Renuzit Target coupons
(2) 1.00 off Renuzit MANU coupons
(4) 1.00 off of 2 BIC items TARGET coupon
(4) 1.00 off of 2 BIC items MANU coupon
(4) 1.00 off of 1 Skintimate shave gel TARGET coupon
(2) 1.50 off of 2 Skintimate shave gels MANU coupon

Total AFTER coupons: $2.79! :)
***ALSO- if you're planning on using the Hasbro coupon- be careful- don't try to go too high on the overage- so far they've accepted any Hasbro item I've plopped up there but this morning the lady looked at my q's a little funny just b/c its very obvious that the q's are for 5.00 and the item I'm buying is 4.44. So that's a pretty good sized overage. I wouldn't go higher than that- otherwise they'd probably stop you- and that's suuuuuuuuper embarrassing!

Okay now onto where you get the qs from- the TARGET coupons (renuzit, Hasbro, and BIC) can be found on the Target coupon generator (remember- its on "A full cup" just register and then you can print off as many target coupons as you want!) The Target Palmolive & Skintimate coupons can be found ON products in Target- the Palmolive qs are on ziploc containers (just peel a few off :) and the shaving cream qs are on Kotex products- these are SO HARD to find- other couponers must be peeling a bunch of these b/c I have only found a few here and there. The BIC & Renuzit manu coupons can be found on their websites OR on And the Sintimate manu coupon was something I clipped a few weeks ago.

Lastly, there is a great diaper deal at CVS this week- you need a CVS card but they're free and SO worth taking a few minutes to get!
Pampers are 2/$20- and if you buy 2 you get 5 dollars back instantly (to use on your next diaper trans) so here is how I am going to do it:

Trans #1:
2 packs of pampers- $20.00
-2 $2.00 pamper qs (I got these from the paper a month ago or so- they're expired but I'm praying they'll still take them!!!)
Total= $16.00

Trans #2:
2 packs of pampers-$20.00
-2 $2.00 pampers qs
-5 ECB
Total=11.00 (so 5.50 a pack- not bad- not the best ever, but still worth getting a few packs!)

Okay- I am SO tired... but if you need some more help just ask! :)

P.S.- heads up- for us Jacksonians, K-Mart is doubling coupons AGAIN! If you remember, this is GOLD- I was getting cart fulls of stuff (mainly cleaning, health stuff like mouthwash, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) for mere CENTS per purchase! Start stocking up on your qs now!!! :) Doubling starts the 16th!!! I will definitely be posting a "plan" as it gets closer!!! :)


The Paulk's said...

Hey! I don't mind you hijacking my blog, since I do the same to you. Thanks for you deal posts, I look forward to seeing what I've missed :). Not much around here, although Walgreens has some pretty good deals too! I've been getting a bit burned out so I'm not doing a whole lot...

Def. email me and I will do the same if I find a good deal...gotta help each other out huh? :). Can't wait for KMart...what are you planning on getting? I've got a few things on a list already, but not much...

Ashley said...

I KNOW! I sat down last night after Maeve went to bed and really scanned the ads- Wags combined with the massive load of coupons we got yesterday is going to be VERY profitable! AND- did you notice that kelloggs rebate thing in the paper? If you buy 10 kelloggs products you send in the 10 proofs of purchase and the receipt and you get a 10 dollar check! :)

ughhh kmart- I haven't really sat down to figure all that junk out yet. I just have been stockpiling coupons so I'm ready. But what's on your list??