Friday, July 31, 2009


Hi ALL! Hopefully there is still someone out there reading this! I've abandoned my blog for a week or so due to an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G trip to Florida- WHICH, I PROMISE to blog about as soon as I can find the energy- yes I know, you are all feverishly checking this blog to see all about my trip, right? :) Anyways, there are more important, more pressing issues to be addressed at the moment- so bear with me- the title of this post is JUMBLED because, well, nothing goes together- its all completely random stuff thrown together in one big BLOG post. Try to hang on- and follow :)

1st order of business? I wasn't here on Sunday so I missed my weekly "deal day" post. Again, not that many of you really are that concerned with how much money I'm saving, but I love to take the opportunity to show off my stockpile and hopefully help some other mommas out with beating retail. So here it goes:
To sum it all up, GO TO TARGET IMMEDIATELY! Especially if you have toddlers!!! This is a SUPER simple, awesome deal- and I will talk you through it completely! :) Go HERE (A Full Cup) ,promptly register (takes 2 seconds and its free) and then go to the TARGET COUPON GENERATOR- ITS MAGIC! A page should show up with about 20 or so TARGET coupons that you can print- and here's the fabulous part- you can print as many as you want! So where are the great deals this week??? THE HASBRO/MB GAME Target coupon! Its GOLD people! It's for FIVE dollars off any hasbro or MB (milton bradley) game. I printed off 6, not knowing what the selection would be like, and I only spent 4 but that's because I have a 22 month old who doesn't play games at the moment! But if you have older kids, this coupon works on those classic games such as, "Cooties", "Don't Break the Ice", "Ants in the Pants", "Candy Land", "Chutes & Ladders," ETC. I used my coupons on "Barrels of Monkey's", "Princess Memory" and "Hi Ho Cherrios." I figured around Christmas time, Maeve will be able to at least kind of get the concept of these simple games. Here is how my Target trip broke down:

-2 "Barrel of Monkeys" -4.99 each
-1 "Hi-Ho Cherrio"-9.99
-1 "Princess Memory Game"-6.99
-6 4-packs of Dole mixed fruit- on clearance for 1.42
Total before coupons: approx. $35.50

-(4) $5.00 off Hasbro games (like I said, this is a PRINTABLE coupon!)
-(6) $1.00 off Dole fruit cups (THIS coupon can be found in the "ALL YOU" Magazine, which is found at Walmart.
-(1) $2.00 off "Hi-Ho Cheerio" (This coupon is found ON the game box itself- and you can combine it WITH the 5.00 TARGET coupon- making for a total savings of 7 bucks off the game!!!! :) WAHOOOOOOOOOO!

Total after coupons: $7.88! :)

How exciting huh? :)

This was my WALMART shopping trip this morning...

I had a TON of coupons that were expiring today (7/31) so I went to see what I could do- not too bad of a trip... OOP (out of pocket) was a little higher than I would have liked... but at least I got rid of the coupons and got a lot of useful stuff...

-1 Dawn dish soap -1.00
-All laundry soap -3.97
-4 always panty liners -.97
-2 sample sizes of herbal essences .97
-1 box of hefty bags 1.00
-1 box of baby q-tips .97
-1 package of disposable Shick razors 5.00
-1 tube Colgate Kids toothpaste 1.00
-4 (4) packs of toilet paper (YEA! 16 rolls!)

Total before coupons: around 20 bucks

Coupons used:
-(1) 50 cents off Dawn
-(1) $1.00 off All laundry detergent
-(4) $1.00 off Always panty liners
-(2) $1.00 off Herbal Essences
-(1) $1.00 off Hefty bags
-(1) $1.00 off J&J baby product
-(1) $4.00 off Shick razors
-(1) $1.00 off Colgate toothpaste
-(4) .50 off Angel Soft toilet paper

Total AFTER coupons: around 7 bucks :) Not bad? Like I said, I was trying to get rid of coupons so I spent a little more than I would've liked- usually you can get better deals on razors and laundry detergent... but whateves :) Still good...
-one more thing about couponing- here is a picture of the magazine, sold ONLY at Walmart that holds TONS and TONS of valuable coupons! The best ones out of this months issue are the Schick razor coupons, soy glade candles (which are clearanced at Target for 3.78 (I think) and in the mag. there is a 3.00 off coup- making the candles around 70 cents or so! :) Also- the DOLE coupons are great (if your kids eat fruit)! :)

(another tip* INSIDE this magazine on page 75 there is a 50 cent off coupon for the purchase of the magazine! So while you're in line to pay, stealthily rip the coupon out to use- that way your magazine will only cost 2.00 instead of 2.50! :)

OKAY so that sums up my deals for the week- happy hunting/shopping! :)

Onto the next topic: MY BELLY-
I've mentioned that I am enormous, right? Well I actually ran into this rather rude lady (she is a "dance mom" who I really don't care for) who told me that I was and I QUOTE "REALLY BIG." Okay- who the heck says that????????? Preggo or not, you don't tell anyone that they're REALLY BIG. That is just plain stupidity. Anyways of course my cheeks lit up like stop lights and I was really flustered- thank GOD Ryan was with me and he said "Well she is carrying differently than she did with Maeve- actually she is measuring right on for 23 weeks." Thanks Ry :) I really don't understand why people are so rude. Even if it IS true that I am as big as a house... take a look for yourself:

Me & the November Turkey at 23 weeks... keep bakin' baby! :)

Also happening today, while I was trying to tidy up the kitchen, I sat Maeve in her high chair with a cup of yogurt- *THINKING* I'd avoid a bigger mess to clean up if I had her contained for a little bit. Ummmmm yeah... normally she is SUCH a big girl and eats great with a spoon or a fork. Today she decided to use her hands... yes, her hands. Y-U-C-K. Needless to say, she will be monitored while eating yogurt in the future- I had to scrub the stuff out of her nails, hair, eye lashes, DIAPER- yes somehow it got in her diaper. AHHHHH what a mess!

Lastly, I'm sure you've noticed that the name of this blog has changed about 30000 times! I just can't find something that really fits- or isn't taken already. I've finally come up with a name that I think sums up what this blog is about- its simple, straightforward but is exactly what this blog is about "these days." These days of being preggo, chasing my love around, cooking, couponing, organizing, and all the other normal happenings that are happening "these days." So- hopefully this will be the LAST name change!

well.... this ends my jumbled post! If you have ANY questions on coupons or anything- please ask! :) I LOVE couponing- its really become a passion of mine! So I'd love to talk deals/coupons with anyone! :)


The Paulk's said...

First off, that is the cutest baby bump ever and if you ever feel big, just look at a picture of my when I was pregnant!

Secondly, our Targets suck big time. They had NOTHING, well not nothing, but nothing that great. I got Riley a BIG bubble machine, some mold 'n play thing for the tub, thomas the train stuff for Lincoln or birthday gifts and Partini...I don't even know what tha is, but couldn't pass it up for 5 bucks. Anywys, it was pretty picked trough, but that's alrigt we have enough toys. Also I went to KMart to use those coupons and they have an extra 10-30 percent off their toys. Worth looking at maybe...I already bought a ton a couple weeks back so I didn't get anything.

Ashley said...

hey you used the 5.00 hasbro coupon on the partini game right???? I just bought 5 tonight- ALL FREE! And we found Cranium for 3.72- and were able to use the Hasbro coupons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Paulk's said...

NO!!!!!! Oh man that sucks. They had a bunch of them so I'll take it back tomorrow, thanks for the heads up!

Ashley said...

yup- on the back of the box there is a teeny tiny "Hasbro" logo... so yea for free games! :)

Ashley said...

ooooh- and if you can find the cranium game (its actually called "cadoo" its for kids) it doesn't say ANYTHING about Hasbro- BUT if you look on the coupon, it says you can use it on Cranium! So yeah, it worked! :)

Mallory said...

ok, actually doing this hasbro thing today! SO hope it works--I need rainy day recess games and it'd be SWEET not to spend half a paycheck on them :) I'll let you know! Gracias Ash!
and...I love that you have a healthy little turkey in there, you look very cute, OBVIOUSLY!

Ashley said...

aw I hope it works for you mal! I just had a HORRIBLE experience at walgreens- I will never go there again. Just don't buy too many Hasbro qs at one time- like just do a few with each trans- make sure you have other stuff you're buying with the games :) and there is NO overage otherwise they flip out. good luck!