Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Poopy Day.

And I mean a POOPY day with every pun intended :)

To update you all, I've had horrible digestive problems (I'll let you assume what I'm talking about because I really don't want to write the word out) and in the process to stop the problems, I've tried cutting everything out of my diet that could possibly be causing it. Well, last Friday morning low and behold, it turns out that ALL Nestle Tollhouse cookies have been recalled because of E.Coli. Nice. And I'm sure you can all guess what I'm about to say next- yes, I recently ate them and YES, I ate a few bites raw. So I called my OB. I tried to convince my poor midwife that I indeed had e.coli- she said I was more than welcome to get stool sample and see my general practitioner but the problem was that e.coli is found in everyone's digestive track- so it would be a really hard diagnosis. I weighed the benefits of having a stool sample and actually couldn't come up with one. :) So I waited until my scheduled OB appointment, which was for today, Wednesday, June 24th. My mom had an appointment with her cardiologist at Michigan Heart (which is right next to the hospital) so she volunteered to come down and watch Maeve during my appointment. I quickly took her up on that offer- since the last time I took Maeve to an appointment she had reeked complete havoc all over the room. The plan was for me to go to my appointment at 9:45, and then to take Maeve to that AWESOME park that is right by the hospital- perfect for a hot sunny day since the whole park is shaded with trees.
My appointment was pretty run of the mill- weight check- gained 4 lbs. (OMG), pee check (no protein), blood pressure (100/60), uterus measurement (17 cm) and of course the heartbeat check (150 bpm). Everything was fine, great, good to go :)
Off we went to the park- and if you recall, in a previous post about Maeve, if you even mention the word "park" you better be following up on it! So she was chanting "park" in the back seat and the world was good. Pulling up to the park I notice that the normally very crowded park is completely empty- ONE car in the parking lot. I thought that was strange- but also thought "HOORAY! We get the park to ourselves!" As soon as I got Maeve out she made a beeline for the entrance. That's when I ran into a mom and her 3 kids- I was holding on tight to Maeve's hand, as she was pulling hard to get into the park... This poor, POOR mother began to tell me to stay out of the park because someone had DEFECATED all over the freaking place and her son had just crawled through it. I looked at her son, and he didn't just have a smudge of poop on him- he was COVERED in it. The poor kid thought it was mud and didn't think twice about crawling through the poo filled tubes. AHHHHH!! I scooped Maeve up, thanked the lady, asked her if she needed any wipes and then strapped a screaming, kicking, very angry little Maemae into her carseat. How do you explain to a 20 month old that someone pooped all over the park??? My mind was racing and I was trying to figure out what I could do to make her happy- AHHH!! "The TOY HOUSE!" It's a few blocks away from the park, and one of Maeve's favorite things to do. As soon as she saw the red, blue and yellow building she started clapping and saying "YEAAAH!" I let her play in the play houses, with the trains and we bought a few water toys for my parents pool.
Anyways, Maeve is now happily eating her lunch, hopefully the traumatic park experience is behind her (I mean- that is kind of cruel to dangle this giant park in front of her and then yank her away from it...). I am appalled that someone has pooped in one of our favorite parks and I hope the city of Jackson cleans that crap up (haha there's a good pun) as fast as they can.

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Kase and Jules said...

That is SICK!! I would have DIED. LOL. Glad your appt went well, I am thinking BOY now maybe haha. I have NO idea :)