Friday, June 26, 2009


Here is my 18 week BUMP. I feel gigantic... and this blue shirt I'm wearing reminds me of a whale... hmmm...

I am getting really frustrated because I'm still not feeling a whole lot of movement- and when I DO feel movement its hard to say for sure that its the baby. In my baby book with Maeve, this is the time when I started to feel her pretty consistently. Maybe this baby is a whole lot more laid back... but I LOVE baby movement so I hope he/she kicks it up a bit.

I've also started to break out horribly- just like I did with Maeve. It's awful! Nothing helps it... so I really do look like a knocked up 16 year old.

On a completely different note (and yes, this is bragging) I got an awesome deal at Kroger the other day and just HAD to share the pic :) I bought 10 packs of wipes on sale for 1.64 and used 10 .75 off coupons. AND the wipes are part of this buy 10 deal, get 3 bucks off. I also had some coupons for Johnson & Johnson that were expiring- bath buddies were 1.00 & I had 5 $1.00 off coups :) YEA for free bath bars!

Grand total:$6.26 hoooooray!


The Paulk's said...

I LOVE showing my deals too :).
I didn't have any Dole coupons, at least not that I found...but if you've got them then I'd use them. The only problem now is that the deal is over tonight. That's why I tried to post the scenerio earlier today...

I ended up getting about 30-40 lbs. of ground beef and 60-80 bags of lettuce. I think I paid a total of 4.00-6.00 for it all. I'll freeze the beef, but what the heck do I do with the lettuce :). I need to find a food pantry to donate it to soon. I don't want to throw it away.

I didn't know there was a deal on this stuff until last night, otherwise I would have been doing it ALL week and had beef for 10 years :). Oh well...I'm not complaining. Any good deals for this coming week that you see??

PS. I am totally jealous that you're preggo:) ; first of all I love being pregnant and your belly is just too cute. You make me want to have another one :)

Kase and Jules said...

CUTEST belly!!

Ashley said...

shelby- not many good deals this week- just a toothpaste one that I did at CVS today... just because it's 18 cents a tube... but that's it! I heard through the grapevine that KMart is doubling coupons on July 5th though- and if that's the case I'm going to have to start getting my stockpile of coupons ready to go!

The Paulk's said...

Ash, sorry I didn't see your comment until today. They are doing doubles starting the 5th. Make sure your Kmart is doing it though because it's not all of them. I plan on getting more diapers :). Yeah, no good deals here this week either for me, but I'm in need of a break and we're running out of room. You should see our place. Just last week I ened up with all that meat and pasta and salad, plus 40 jars of Ragu (.25 each) and toliet paper OMG, we have enough to last the rest of our lives!! (seriously)

I've also got a great list of double coupons that I've been adding to and searching, let me know if you want it!