Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Geese, Turkey & A Hot Dog.

This morning I was feeling better than usual so I thought I'd take Maeve to Cascades. I had her dressed all nice (why was she dressed nice for the PARK? Not sure.) and off we went. We had a good 15-20 minutes of climbing and sliding... and I'm pretty sure I traumatized her by sticking her in a tube slide by herself- my mom was at the other end of it to catch her and she said Maeve's face was pure terror- oops. Anyways we were having a great time... and then we decided to walk over and let her see the geese. I was kind of hesitant because if you're a Jackson local, you know Cascades pond and the surrounding area is COVERED in goose poop. I told my mom we each had to grab a hand and NOT let her near the water (that's where its the worst & duh- don't want her going for a swim in the pond.). Maeve was doing well- until she SAW the geese and their babies... then she started to wriggle and squirm- eventually it was just me holding a hand and she took off towards the water. She never made it to the water, but she was definitely in duck poop territory. So when I went to grab her hand and she twisted away and threw herself on the ground to pitch a tantrum, it wasn't good. Yeah- I think you know what happened... she had yucky poo poos all over her- UGH SICK SICK SICK. I scooped her up and shouted to my mom we had to go... as SOON as we got home, Maeve and I were both in the shower.

After Maeve and I were cleaned, my mom got us lunch at Heavenly Ham- YUM. So there's this rule in pregnancy that you're not supposed to eat deli meat unless you heat it up because of the threat of listeriosis. When I was preggo with Maeve, I wouldn't even HANDLE deli meat, let alone eat it. This time around, I'm way more relaxed- not sure if that's a good or bad thing! Because I eat lunch meat pretty much whenever I please- and I never heat it up. I also eat hot dogs and drink diet pop on naughty, huh? Anyways I feel guilty about the stupid turkey meat I ate today... but not guilty enough to turn away a hot dog for dinner! :) haha...

YES! Tonight, Ryan and I are using the grill for the first time in months and months. I'm cooking up some zucchini, squash and asparagus and Ryan's grillin' the dogs. It should be a nice summer meal (even though its only 65 out).

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