Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cramping & Cooking...

Oh my. I truly can't remember if I had cramping with Maeve or not. It seems like I did- because I vaguely remember asking some friends and my mom if they had it too. In general, from what I've read, cramping is pretty common, normal and sometimes a good sign- it means the uterus is stretching to accommodate the pregnancy. But like I said, I just don't remember with Maeve- so yesterday when I was having some mild- but consistent achiness/soreness/cramping sensations, I kind of wrote them off as ligament pains. By bedtime though, it definitely felt like period cramps. I am SO paranoid- so I facebooked my dear midwife, asking her what to do. She said as long as there isn't bleeding (there wasn't- THANK GOD!) that its okay... just to increase my fluids and try to go #2. (nice...) Well, I did both... and it worked! I feel way better today. Actually, I haven't had a single ache or cramp. I'm assuming that's good... I just have to remember that pregnancy is 10 months filled with weird, "NOT NORMAL" things. Someone once told me, if its not normal, its normal. :) And that seems to be true!

Now onto cooking- not sure if any of you noticed that my menu stayed exactly the same for about 5 weeks and has now completely disappeared, but yes, it did. The reason? Pretty simple: morning sickness. I couldn't really cook much of anything without getting sick. So most of our meals consisted of sandwiches, soups (from the can) and take out. Luckily Maeve and I are pretty easy going eaters now a days; I'm usually happy with water and some sort of bread product and Maeve could live off of mac & cheese and chicken noodle soup. I have felt pretty bad for Ryan though- he makes do- either heating up leftovers or running out to McDonalds (sad...yes). Thankfully I think I can see the light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel- today, I've actually felt pretty good- I ate breakfast, lunch and COOKED, yes COOKED dinner. Ryan came home for lunch and I had just finished cooking the meat and I'm pretty sure he thought he was witnessing a miracle- ME, COOKING!

Hopefully I can get back on track with the cooking...

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Leslie Collins said...

Ashley-I had cramping with both pregnancies. It's very normal and very scary. Try and take it easy.

Oh, as for the lunch meat and pop stuff....I drink coffee everyday and did with Reyna, just one cup in the morning. On occasion, I will eat lunch meat. As long as you aren't induldging everyday on pop, lunchmeat and everything, then I wouldn't worry.

Last time I was at Dr. P's office, I was asking Laura about eating feta (they say it's bad if it's unpasteurized, but most of it is pastuerized) and she said it was totally fine. She laughed and said you wouldn't believe some of the things she has to hear that mama's are doing. She said she gets moms that are drug addicts and don't quit, but say they have "cut back." Awful, huh?! I would say we are on pretty good track. :)