Friday, May 8, 2009


That's right- one more week (or 6 days to be exact!) to go before I am OUTTA the awful, most dreaded first trimester. Unfortunately with Maeve I was sick until about week 14/15. I am hoping its not that way with this one... although things seem to be pretty much the same so far: morning sickness has been the same (if not worse), headaches, fatigue, breaking out in zits like I'm 16 again (UGH)... The good news is, once you've made it out of the first tri. the baby is done forming- now its just gotta grow! Something about knowing that your baby is developing and forming all these critical organs and body parts freaks me out- so I'll be happy when that's all done, and all that's left to do is bake the turkey! :)

An old "friend" visited me this morning- my lovely bleeding gums. YUCK. I haven't experienced that since last time I was pregnant- I forgot how gross it is! I get the whole bleeding gums thing BAD. I think I posted a pic from my pregnancy with Maeve a LONG time ago, just to show how bad they bleed. Its pretty crazy. Literally I spit out mouthfuls of blood- its pretty sick :(

On a totally different note, I think miss Maeve might be hitting a growth spurt. She's been sleeping soooooo much- what a blessing :) She goes down for bed around 8 or so and has been sleeping in until 9!!! WOAH!!!!!!! It's been very exciting! :) She's also been eating a ton too- for breakfast this morning she ate an entire banana, a waffle, a cup of milk and then mooched off of my cereal. That may not sound like a lot, but coming from a kid who normally throws 99 percent of her food on the floor, it was a truckload! Maeve also has a new fave. word: No. Surprise, surprise, huh? Actually she doesn't say it to me very often- like if I ask her to do something, she normally does it- she doesn't say no. But she DOES use the word "no" when SHE'S doing something naughty. So its kind of cute :) She'll start pulling a bunch of books of the shelves and before I can say "no" she says "no,no,no!" Or we'll be driving in the car and I'll hear the velcro on her sandals go "RIIIIP" and I'll look in the mirror- again before I can say "no leave your shoes on", she says her cute little "no, no, no." I told Ryan I feel kind of bad because she must hear the word "no" a lot.... hmmm.


Becky said...
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Becky said...

I hope you start feeling better soon! I can't believe you're already going to be out of the first trimester...time goes fast! You are getting me excited about getting pregnant again...I can't wait :)

Kase and Jules said...

I love your pregnancy stories, girl..keep 'em coming!