Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Tasty Time" With............. Maeve!

To say the least, Maeve's naps have been pretty horrible lately- todays lasted a grand total of an hour. Yesterday's (Friday's) nap lasted 45 minutes IF THAT. Let me tell you that this is scaring me quite a bit. What will I do when my 18 month old JUST WONT NAP ANYMORE???? Terrifying thought... so yesterday, when she started crying to get up I looked at the clock and thought to myself "What the heck are we going to do for 4 hours on this rainy, cold day in this small house?"

I decided to make some cookies. For one, I was craving them and two, I figured this would kill 45 minutes or so. Normally when I cook its not a pretty scene- its me rushing around the kitchen, my OCD in full force (trying to keep all cooking areas clean!!!) and Maeve clinging on my leg screeeeeaming for attention- its bad. So I thought to make this experience better for all involved I would strap Maeve into her high chair, remove the tray and wheel her right up to the counter to "help." I wasn't sure how well this would go over- Maeve isn't a "sitting" kinda gal. But actually everything went really, really well! It was fun! We made chocolate cherry cookies (which are completely divine- I have the recipe if you want it!!!) and cinnamon chocolate chip cookies. Maeve did AWESOME- she "helped" me pour things in (after every "pour" she'd clap and say "YEA!") and she loved watching me use the mixer. However, the highlight of her day was when I handed her a mixer and let her suck/eat all the cookie dough off. She was in a complete state of bliss! Yes, yes I know raw cookie dough isn't a fabulous thing to give your child, but I have lots of memories of my mom handing over the mixers to Meghan and I- I'm pretty sure we enjoyed those more than the actual cookies! So I figured, I'm pretty healthy- a little raw cookie dough never hurt me, it should be fine for Maeve! And it was :) And just like Meghan and I, she much preferred the dough to the actual cookie!

I'm so excited that Maeve is getting older and able to participate in more and more things. It makes life just that much better :)

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Kase and Jules said...

Awww she is soooo pretty Ash! That looks like fun :) I need to do that, I am craving baked sweets so bad! Go figure :)