Monday, March 16, 2009

Victory At Walgreens! (sorta)

Last week I had scrimped and saved soooo many coupons for the fantastic diaper deal that was going on at Walgreens. Yes, I did get some great deals, but they could have been more spectacular if the managers at Walgreens knew their own coupon policy.

So... let me start at last Wednesday (I believe that's what day it was)- I had all my huggies coupons and a handful (8) of Sambucol coupons. My plan was to make some money on the Sambucol (which was on sale for 11.99- a $10.00 Wags coupon - my $4.00 Manu coupon- (I would've made 2 dollars a pack!) I had my cart full of Sambucol and diapers and had the total oop (out of pocket) landing a little under a dollar... pretty nice :) Well all the coupons went through without a single beep- and sure enough I believe my total was a under a dollar. I was THRILLED- and then all of a sudden another cashier (not the one who was ringing me up) pointed to my $4.00 sambucol coupons and said I couldn't use them. THEN they proceeded to call the manager who said the same thing and also added "Why would WE give you money back? That makes no sense." I was SO embarrassed- like I was trying to pull a fast one on them. So I had them void the whole thing and I high tailed it outta there :)

After talking to a fellow "couponer" and getting some confidence behind me by reading Walgreens coupon policy (which CLEARLY states that you are allowed to combine an IVC (instant value coupon-a Walgreens coup. WITH a manufactures coupon) I decided to try it again. The awesome diaper deal was over but we needed some toothpaste. So I went back- they only had 3 sambucols in stock, I got all 3, and then 3 tubes of toothpaste. The toothpaste was on sale for .95 cents and the Sambucol was 11.99. I had 3 1.00 crest toothpaste coupons and 3 $4.00 Sambucol & 3 $10 IVC sambucol coupons. I was planning on using some Glade plug-ins (which I also had coupons for) as "fillers" or in other words, to take care of the overage.

Well, once again the cashier said I couldn't use either the crest coupons OR the $4.00 Sambucol coupons. This time however, I was prepared with a speech :) ahhheeem: "Well I actually called corporate about this and asked them what your coupon policy was. I was told that you could use an IVC PLUS a manufacturers coupon. If there is an overage, that isn't my fault- I am not doing anything wrong- I have both coupons and you should honor them. Your store is not losing any money- regardless of the overage- Sambucol will reimburse you for the value of each of my coupons PLUS the shipping and handling- you are MAKING money. So if you won't honor the coupons I will take my business somewhere else." The cashier of course had to call her manager... UGH... when the manager came I gave my same schpeel and WALLA! The manager actually did it for me- I was SO PROUD!!!

Now, the reason why the title of this post is "Victory at Wags" (SORTA) is because they still didn't allow me to get the overage- They just changed the values of the coupons to match up to the prices of the items- so they were all basically free- or to be exact, 33 cents. Not bad... 3 tubes of toothpaste & 3 packs of Sambucol PLUS 3 dollars back in Register Rewards...

I still think that the managers at my particular walgreens need to be briefed on the store's coupon policies, because they obviously aren't getting it. But still, it rocked to come home with "free" stuff :)


Missy said...

Hey Ashley, Tater Tot Casserole, sounds good and must share. Email me! Is Maeve doing better???

Ashley said...

Hey! It is SOOOO good- I've made it a few different ways- I am trying a new recipe this week- its the Duggars- from that show 18 kids and counting! If you go to my blog list click on Duggars, and then when you get to their page their is this little banner that says "Family Favorite Recipes" They've got TONS of yummy stuff!!

The Paulk's said...

Ahh...I'm so proud of you!! :) I've heard of MANY Walgreens adjusting down the coupon amt. I guess overage is a privledge, not a right??!!! (Not in my book) If you keep going in there maybe you can educate them on their own policy and change their way of thinkin!!

PS. I'm going to write you back one of these days :).