Sunday, March 15, 2009

PneuMOOOOOOANia & the SICK trip...

The title is supposed to sound like "pneumonia"- with a big ol' MOAN right in the middle of it. Yes, our little miss magic has pneumonia AGAIN. I took her to the doctor on Friday afternoon, thinking it was going to be an ear infection or just a cold- remember, I had just taken her to the doc. on Monday and they told me it was an upper resp. infection (and if you're like me and don't know much about the medical field an upper resp. infection is a big long fancy name for a COLD!). So when Dr. Williams listened to her lungs and said she heard crackling and was going to diagnose and treat her with pneumonia I was shocked. I know its not life shattering news, but pneumonia can get bad if it goes undetected. And I guess I was just feeling like a loser of a mom for letting it go undetected all week. I kept feeling like I should take her back into the doc. but then I didn't want to be that overly paranoid mom who continuously takes her kid back and forth to the doctor for a simple cold. I'm really glad that I listened to my motherly instinct on Friday though, because honestly? I think we would've ended up in the hospital sometime over the weekend. Today (Sunday) Maeve has been on her meds for 3 days and is STILL sick. She has a horrible cough and goes through super crabby times- a little fall will send her into outer orbit and then she starts coughing so hard I'm sure she's going to puke! (so far no puking! But I swear its coming!!)

Friday Ryan and I had committed to seeing a friend who lives about 2 hours away- so I actually had to leave Maeve just hours after being told she has pneumonia. It was super hard :( But I'm glad we went- things at home were under control and I was most definitely needed more by my friend.

Saturday, we had been planning for about 6 weeks to go to the Westin in Detroit. We had gone back and forth over whether or not we should go- after all, we had just heard some ground shaking news and I was wondering if I should go back to see my friend or not... and of course Maeve was sick and Ryan and I were getting sicker by the hour. In the end, we decided to continue with the trip- for a few reasons: 1, it was already paid for- we'd lose our money, 2- Ryan thought it would be good for me to get away and 3- Maeve was on antibiotics and already starting to feel better. It definitely wasn't like our normal Westin trips- filled with yummy food, quality family time and heavenly sleep (in their "heavenly" Westin beds!)... instead it was a lot of crying (from Maeve) food that looked incredibly delicious but had no taste (Ryan and I are so stuffed up that jalapenos couldn't clear our sinuses) and fitful sleeps for all 3 of us. Actually, the day at the mall was a lot of fun- we took Maeve on the carousel- she loved that! And let her play on the giant indoor playground... and ate at the Rainforest cafe which she always enjoys. I got some awesome deals on some stuff for Maeve for NEXT year (yes I am well aware her closet is stuffed full, but she will grow and need things for next fall/winter) Childrens Place was having a crazy sale- I got her 3 pairs of 2T p.js (you can always use pjs!) for 1.99 each!!! And Carters was having their semi annual baby sale- so I got a couple of outfits for next winter. It's so strange to be buying 2T stuff!! I hold it up and it looks like its fit for a giant, not Maeve! But whether we like it or not, she's growing and is no longer a baby BUT in fact, a toddler...

So I guess where the day kinda took a turn was when we first checked into the Westin. We got there around 6:30 or so, and Maeve usually goes down around 7:30 or 8. So we thought we'd let her run around the halls- she loves that! and push the buttons on the elevators (they're glass elevators so she had a ball riding up and down in them!) The thing is, Maeve is just sick- not feeling herself, and therefore not acting like herself- so every time she'd trip running through the hallways it was a complete melt down... or when we wouldn't let her push a button because someone else was in the elevator she'd have a fit (embarrassing). Around 7:15 we thought we should head up to the room, give her a bath and put her down for the night. Oh- I just have to add in this little part-(it was probably my fave. memory of the whole trip!) So there is this full length (GIANT) mirror on the wall of the hotel room, and after Maeve got out of the bath we let her be "nakie" for a bit- she LOVES being naked- I have no clue why- but anyways it was adorable to watch her- she was running around the room like she had full clothing on- SO not embarrassed about her big budda belly or her rollie pollie thighs! Then she noticed that full length mirror- she spent probably 15 good minutes just POSING in front of it- I SWEAR! Ryan and I were just dying laughing as she'd do all these crazy poses and then she'd crack up herself! It was way too cute :)

After we let her be "free" for a little bit, it was time for bed- she was snug in her pjs but sooooo not into sleeping. Instead, she stood up in her playpen (which was right next to my side of the bed) and decided to scream. Let me just say, that it was a LONG, LONG, LONG night. Eventually yes, she decided to sleep- but that was AFTER we ordered room service (french fries- for Maeve, a pickle & a salad for me- they have the BEST pickles!!!), gave her ANOTHER bath, let her run around the room and made several attempts at getting her to sleep between us. it was around ten PM when she FINALLY, FINALLLLLLLLY went to sleep... yes, it was a night. Another thing that Ryan and I adore about the Westin is that they offer movies that are still in the theaters- and since Ryan and I haven't gone to the movies since Maeve was born (YES, REALLY!) its always a treat to scan through the movies and after much debate, watch one. Last night it was between "Marley & Me", "Slumdog Millionare" and "Bedtime Stories." We picked "Bedtime Stories" for obvious reasons- ADAM SANDLER! :) Ryan was snoring 10 minutes into it, but I stayed awake for the whole thing and just loved it :) Around midnight the movie ended and it was time for me to sleep- ummmm nope. As I tried to fall asleep I realized that I was burning up with a fever- every hair on my body hurt and my bones were aching. SHOOOT! I had packed tylenol- but no cold medicine. And so began the fitful sleep- really one of the worst nights I've had in a LONG time. It seemed like every time I'd fall asleep Ryan would wake me up with a giant sneeze or cough or Maeve would start to fuss. Around 3 or so, I was lying awake, burning up, and watching an infomercial because I was too achy to get up and look for the remote. Ryan sat up and said "I'm sick, I'm taking a bath." I was like "Okay.... are you alright?" He was so out of it- but somehow managed to take a bath- and then reentered the bed with the shivers. We were probably a miserable sight to be seen! He was shaking from those shivers and I was on fire from my fever. And then there was Maeve, hacking and coughing up a lung in her playpen. I kept thinking "I really hope they clean these rooms well because whatever poor slob has to sleep in here tonight will most definitely become infected with whatever our whole family has!"

I did fall asleep eventually, but it seemed like seconds after I fell asleep Ryan was shaking my foot (nice way to wake up huh?:) telling me that breakfast was here. To be honest, I don't even remember eating my pancakes this morning... I know I ordered pancakes because I had filled out the menu thing the night before and had hung it on the door, but I seriously do not remember even eating! But I did, and then passed back out... at 11, Ryan woke me up again (how had I been so out of it that I hadn't woken up while he gave Maeve a bath, fed her and dressed her??) and this time it was time to go :( I was sad because our should-have-been wonderful Westin night wasn't so wonderful.

Anyways, we're home now- Maeve is sleeping, Ryan is sleeping, I tried to sleep but between my stuffed up nose and pounding head, I just can't. But I am really trying not to be so pessimistic about things- so instead of complaining about our night, I will dub it our "Sick Trip" and hopefully when I'm feeling better, look back fondly at our night filled with sniffles, shivers, coughs and fevers. After all, if you gotta be sick, I guess its best to be sick when you can have room service, lots of movies and a huge comfy bed!

**Note- I brought my camera (of course- I take pictures of everything) but every time I tried to take a picture it said my card was unreadable! :( So no pics from this trip... maybe that's a good thing- we definitely weren't looking our best! ;)

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