Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sicky Bugaboo!

Yesterday I left for work around 3:45 PM- I left Maeve with my mom, and as far as I knew she was FINE. She had been fine allll day long- had a normal nap (well it was a little bit shorter than normal, but she still was acting fine/normal), ate a huge lunch, etc. I came home about 2 and a half hours later to find Maeve red, burning up and sleeping on Ryan. My mouth literally dropped open when I saw her- It was so bizarre, leaving her absolutely fine, without a hint of sickness, and to return to a super sick baby!

I asked Ryan "WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED???" and he said that about an hour after I left, while my mom was still watching her, she started to act sleepy and by the time he got home at 5:45 she was feeling a bit feverish. By the time I got home around 7 she wasn't a bit feverish, she was a LOT feverish. Ryan said he had taken her temp and it was at 100- I thought, well that's not too bad (even though she felt SO much hotter to me than that) so I asked Ryan to take it again- this time the thermometer leaped past 100 and was climbing in to the 102/103 range when I pulled it out of her armpit and said "Ryan I have a bad feeling lets just go to the ER."

Off we went- to sum it all up, we were there for about 4 hours with a screaming, incredibly uncomfortable baby. It turns out that she has a respiratory infection... ugh. :( They discharged us with instructions on how to monitor her breathing and her high fever. To say the least, last night was ROUGH. She didn't fall asleep until 11:30 or so and when she did fall asleep she was up every hour or so screaming- it was horrible :( She was just soooo miserable and uncomfortable. And me, being paranoid mom couldn't sleep very well at all knowing we were supposed to be monitoring her breathing and fever- (BTW why do the docs say that at 11 o'clock at night- are we supposed to go home and sit by their bed all night monitoring them? Because that's how I took it- so that meant I was in and out of her room alllll night long.)

Maeve woke up around 8 this morning feeling slightly cooler and hungry- I was excited, thinking she felt a lot better... but after drinking a cup of milk and eating a few bites of oatmeal, she laid on me and fell asleep... SO NOT like her! And shortly after her morning nap (morning naps have not existed since she was like 7 months old!) she started the high fever thing again... I tried to feed her some lunch- she wasn't interested. My mom came over for a visit after lunch and Maeve took that time to snuggle with her Nana. And by 2:00 she was asleep on me AGAIN. I laid with her until I had to go to work and then my dad came to watch her. When I got home, he said she just laid on him the entire time too. We just finished dinner and she has perked up a bit- didn't eat too much but we're really not concerned with that- just drinking!

SO I know what she has isn't serious or anything but it is pretty darn scary to have your baby run fevers. I just feel like I can't put her down or let her out of my sight- and that quickly becomes very tiring. Also, unfortunately, I myself have been feeling yucky today- sore throat, achy, headache all that good stuff. :(


Kase and Jules said...

Poor Maeve!!! This all sounds awful :( Hope she is getting better.

Becky said...

I hope today is another "getting better" day for Maeve and you and Ryan. Sorry about the long drive last night. Hope you're friend is doing better.