Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We're Going TOMORROW!

I have been putting off Maeve's 15 month vaccines forever now (well like a month & a half)- for several reasons, the whole autism thing and then we went on vacation and then she had a little virus......... so anyways its just been one thing after another. PLUS I was super nervous about giving her that MMR vaccine so secretly, I was glad things kept coming up b/c it allowed me to put it off. Well I'm sure (since most of you are moms) you've heard that the MMR vaccine has been officially ruled out as a cause of autism. I heard that last week, and thought "OKAY that is my sign that its time to take her!" Then tonight, while we were eating dinner, the tv was on in the background- it was NBC news and they were talking about the dangers of NOT getting your kid vaccinated and it scared the crap out of me (for lack of words..) SO I told Ryan "We're going tomorrow!" And we are- I've said it before, but I would so, SO, SO much rather have a child with autism than a child with some horrible, deadly disease. UGH not looking forward to it, because honestly, its super hard to take your kid JUST to get shots- its like you're choosing to subject them to pain- but its just one of those things I have to get over and get done. So wish me luck... ;)

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