Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Monkita... Maeve

Hmmm... does "Monkita" stand for female monkey? It sounds like it should... so I'm going to go with it. Anyways, Ryan and I are pretty sure that Maeve is morphing into a monkey. Some of her monkey antics are super cute and funny- like when she breaks out into her "monkey moves" - she waves her arms like a monkey and says "ooh ah ah ah." Really cute! And then there is her recent love of fruit... she has ALWAYS been a veggie baby- from the beginning- I remember buying/making baby food and being a bit disappointed that she didn't want to eat the yummy fruit stuff- she'd rather have nasty spinach or green beans...yeeccccchhh. The only fruit she was really into was bananas (hmmm... another monkey antic). Just recently though she has become obsessed with fruit- of any sort! Her favorite though are clementines. And this is when we first started saying she was a little monkey... she will take a clementine and peel the thing and eat those slices WHOLE. I am not sure she's even chewing them.. she slurps them up and before we know it the mini orange is GONE! She probably eats 3 a day.... strange huh? But again, really, really cute to watch!
So this morning she pulled another monkey "move" however, this one was not cute- AT ALL. She was in the bath and was squatting... I noticed that she had done a "poo poo." Not a big deal- she does it quite often actually (she is also entering this phase of not wanting to poop in her diaper... potty training coming up???? OHHHHHH PLEASE!!!! YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT! :) Anyways, I stood her up while the water drained out- my plan was to let the water drain, pick up the poop, clean the tub a bit (with her still in it... keep in mind the water would be drained) and then give her ANOTHER "clean" bath... because she was sitting in poo poo water- so she HAD to have another bath. So the water is draining, draining and she kept squatting- and I was thinking "okay she is going poop again... whatever, just more to clean..." well she picked up a piece of poo poo and chucked it at me- like I had to DODGE that thing- it flew on the floor and I screamed "EW! Maeve NO!" She laughed, squatted again, picked up another piece and did it again!!!!! Let me tell you- it was disgusting. EWWWWWWWWWWW I had to end up getting in to take a shower with her because she had poo on her hands and she had stepped in it, etc. It was sooooooo gross! Anyways, what an ordeal! When Ryan came home from work I told him about it and we cracked up because we really think we've got a fruit eating, poo flinging monkey on our hands! :)

Okay on a totally different note, we've had a new sight around here- Maeve with a NUK (pacifier)! What a wonderful, WONDERFUL thing. For the entire first year and 3 months of her life, she was NOT a fan of nuks (pronounced NOOKS). And it was horrible because the only thing that could or would calm her down was a bottle. But since recently taking the bottle away (YEA! Passed that milestone!!!) she had been having a hard time falling asleep- so one day I just popped a nuk in her mouth and she SUCKED it... took right to it.. And from that day on, unless we pluck it out of her mouth or she's eating, the nuk is ALWAYS in. She went from zero to 60 on that one- like not wanting anything to do with a nuk, to now, HAVING to have one- this is all just so new to us- we're not used to having to grab a nuk before we leave, so we've already made many stops to snatch up a nuk. Anyways, I am thrilled, because it really calms her down- pretty much every time in any situation so far... crossing my fingers it stays that way! Because it is SO much easier to pop in a nuk than make a bottle or listen to her "scream it out." Anyways, I know she kind of looks like a rag doll in these pics... but I snapped up a couple last night with her and her nukkie. :) Its just so funny for us to see because for SO long she would spit her nuks out... so now we think its just the cutest thing :)

She's my flower child :) Doesn't she look like a hippie here?

And to top off her hippie look, the peace/love/joy shirt ;)

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