Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shots & Playdates...

Cheery girl makes my days less dreary in this frozen dead land.

Bad momma took Maeve to get her shots yesterday (no I don't think I'm a bad mom, but driving TO the doctors just to get your child poked is really crappy feeling!). She did well- only cried on the 2nd poke. But still, just not a fun thing to do!! Anyways, I had given her motrin before the shots, and as always it really helped with the rest of the day. The NIGHT however, was sooooo not fun. For the first time in weeks, months, maybe- she woke up at 2 or 3 (can't really remember) I had taken Nyquil b/c I'm sick with some crap so I was totally out of it- all I remember was hearing her cry and saying, "Ryan she needs a bottle.". And luckily I have a fantastic husband who got up and solved the problem. Although this morning she was up bright and early and I was STILL feeling like a drugged up zombie as I changed one of the stinkiest diarrhea diapers of Maeves pooping career. She is reacting differently to these shots which is scaring me- she instantly got a runny nose and last night she was being so strange with the band aid- she would look at it and get really worked up. So we finally took it off when she was in the bath. Strange.... but maybe its because she's getting older and she can put two and two together- band aid= pain= ouch/not fun, etc. Anyways, I was reassured over and over again by her doc. that the shots are NOT dangerous and she would be fine.

SOOOO after the poopy diaper, breakfast and a bath, we had a playdate this morning. It was with one of my friends, Ann and her baby Lilah... and about 15 other kids and moms who I didn't know. But it was fun and nice to get out of the house. Whats really great about it is that its at Westwinds church which is a mere 2 seconds from my house. Super convenient!!!

Tonight is one of my last meets of the season and I'm pretty depressed about it. The money won't be rolling in so frequently as it does during judging season, and I won't be getting my couple of nights out, away from the house. Hummmph. kind of disappointing, but that's how it goes. On a great note- SPRING BREAK is soooo within reach! I can't wait!!!! We have our airfare and hotels all booked- now we're working on finding a good deal on a rental car. Once that is done- we are goooooood to goooooo!

I'm sure you've noticed (cause you all keep tabs on me right? :) that I haven't blogged in awhile about the Y or dieting... ummmm yeah. I haven't been to the Y since we got back from Florida weeks ago... I feel horrible! And as far as the dieting goes, I haven't TOTALLY fallen off the bandwagon but I'm dragging behind for sure! UGH Ryan took the scale out of the house (I think I had mentioned that before...) and so I have no clue what I weigh... I just know I feel crapier. I have like 7 weeks until spring break... I could totally get my butt back into gear and reach my goal... but honestly at the moment, I don't feel like doing much of anything. Who knows... a friend just posted a quote on her facebook profile "I'd rather be a magic marker than a skinny pencil." and it kind of sums up how I feel at this point! :)

Okay I know this post is so jumbled up, but after Maeves shots yesterday I got her a "prize"- its become tradition... although we are getting shoved out of our house by the amount of toys in this place so I decided to go with some play doh. Maeve and I had such a blast- for a good 30 minutes or so- we played together- and it was awesome. It also sparked that desire to home school- something I've been thinking about- even more. I know it was just stupid play doh- but it was the first time (besides at a resturant coloring) that we had sat at home, Maeve in her high chair, me sitting in a chair facing her, at the table, doing the same thing- like a project or something. And like I said, it was awesome. I was making snakes, she was hissing... I was making a birds nest with eggs and she was saying "buuuuuurdy." I would take out a different color and she'd look with huge eyes at the new blob in front of her. It was incredible to watch her experience something new and "learn" at the same time. I just feel like I couldn't hand over the reigns to someone else and say "Here- you be the one who teaches Maeve her letters, numbers, shapes, etc." I want to be the one who teaches her and shows her new things... ya know??? I think I have Ryan convinced to home school at least through 6th grade... he wants our kids involved in middle school/high school sports. And I understand that, being a high school athlete myself. So I will take what I can get- and if that means having her home until 6th grade, that makes me happy :) Oh- and on facebook last night, I made a comment about wanting to home school her, that I had friends who had gone into teaching and it scared me to think of them teaching Maeve- I in NO WAY meant to offend anyone... although I did (because I got a stupid message from her a second after the note was posted) that comment was meant kind of as a joke- like I've partied with some people that have gone into teaching and its a bit scary thinking of them teaching Maeve. Whatever, its stupid I just know I didn't mean anyone specific and I certainly didn't think I'd ruffle any feathers. But when people are insecure with themselves I guess they can take offense to anything. Blah... sometimes I hate facebook!

I wouldn't trade my days with her for the world... priceless.

After a few bites of it and throwing it on the floor for the dogs to eat, she got the hang of squishing it, smashing it and squeezing it. :)

Welllll......... that about sums everything up that is going on in our lives at the moment. Hope all is well with you and your families! Keep on keepin' on! Winter is almost over!!! (kind of)


Kase and Jules said...

All I have to say about people being is offended is-LAME. Get over yourselves people! Maeve is a pretty pretty princess, I LOVE her!!

The Paulk's said...

Riley always hates her band-aids after shots too, like flips out!! So, it must be "normal".

Good for you and homeschooling. Many of my friends are sending their kids to preschool at 2.5 years old! I just can't imagine. I'll wait as long as possible. I just don't think homeschooling is for "us"...Ri is super smart and I teach her a lot at home, but I think she's going to need the interaction. But good for you if you can do it (plus we want a few more kids, I can't imagine how people have the time :), lol).

Oh and that's why I deleted facebook :).

Ashley said...

I was wondering why you deleted facebook!!! Sometimes I feel like I need to do that too! I am way too open sometimes! That's why I made my blog private :)