Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day '09...

WELL it was certainly a day that will stick out!! And that's what I asked for right??? :) Haha, no really it was a great day- but it definitely came with a couple of unwanted surprises...

Around 7:30 Ryan woke me up- I had noticed that he had left suuuuper early but was so sleepy, I just went back to bed. And at 7:30, I saw him go into Maeves room to wake her up and I shouted "What are you doing??? You're gonna WAKE her up???" But he really wanted us all to be together... anyways he had cooked this gigantic valentines day breakfast- complete with what he said was a "hand-picked" bouquet (what is that? I guess he HAND made it??? That's what he said anyways...) It was really nice, but he had to leave at 8:30 for work so we went back to the bedroom so he could get ready for work. I had Maeve on the bed and she was being silly, goofing around and climbing all over me. All of a sudden- CRACK- she smashed the back of her head directly on my right cheek bone. OUUUUUCCCHHHHHH! I was like "OMG Ryan grab Maeve -I think she just broke my face." I seriously was afraid to look because of how puffy and swollen it felt, but Ryan talked me into looking- it wasn't as bad as I had pictured it... AT FIRST! After Ryan left for work, I was left with one HYPER Maeve (who had already eaten some v-day sweets) and a swollen, sore face. So I dressed MaeMae up in her vday outfit and decided to go to my parents. I brought Lola with me because she is good friends with my parents dogs and they usually all get along fine. NOT Valentines day! About a half hour into our visit up ran Lola from the back porch with blood ALL over her face- I mean it was dripping down her head- pretty horrific! My dad, who used to be a vet. assistant went outside and tried to clean her up but whatever was bleeding was bleeding so badly that he couldn't even find the source of it. It looked like a murder scene outside- blood all over the snow, and Lola kept shaking her head which was spraying blood all over the glass door and windows.... disgusting!!!!!!!!! We were just watching all of this, in hopes that the bleeding would slow down- b/c I of course was concerned with her getting blood all over my car... YUCK! Finally it looked like it was slowing up so we brought her inside and my dad looked her over again- this time, since the blood wasn't so heavy, we could clearly see that there was a giant chunk taken out of her ear!!! EWWWWWWWWW. dad took a gauze pad and taped it around her ear and then like in a cartoon, took a giant ace wrap and wrapped it around and around her head and tied it in a bow at the top... she looked ridiculous. And then it was off to Culligan to ask Ryan what to do with her- if we should take her to the vet or whatever. THANKFULLY by the time we got to Culligan, the bleeding had totally stopped and now was just dried on her face. It was safe to take her home... on I went, with my now, very swollen face and black and blue eye and my bloody dog. UGH what a Valentines Day huh?
I put Maeve down super early for her nap (like 11:45?) b/c honestly my face hurt SO BAD that I needed to lay down myself... it was giving me this horrible face/headache. So I napped and before I knew it, it was 3:00!!! I slept for over 3 hours!!!!! Thank goodness Ryan gets home from work at 1 on Sat. so he did daddy duty with her for a few hours... it was a very much appreciated nap!! When I got up, my eye looked even WORSE! Like it looked so bad I didn't want to go out b/c I was afraid people would think Ryan hit me or something!!! It just looked awful... we DID however end up going to Applebees- all 3 of us, and had a great meal. Then we went to Maggie Moos for ice cream... even better than the meal! By the time we got home it was getting to be around Maeves bedtime and we realized we hadn't given her "Elmo Live" yet! I had been looking forward to vday for SO long to give her that stupid toy, and with the buisiness and craziness of the day, almost completely forgot about it. Anyways we got all her vday stuff out and gave it to her- she could really care less about Elmo after 5 minutes. Wahoo! She totally preferred the 3 dollar monkey balloon and the 2o dollar spongebob pillow. :) Whatever, Ryan and I got a kick out of Elmo's jokes and very long stories... :) After we put Maeve down we exchanged cards... and I thought my present had already been given (flowers and breakfast), BUT Ryan surprised me HUGE with hahahaha you guessed it, a night at the Westin in April! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so obsessed with that place!!! And now that we go so much we get free stuff, like parking and food!!! My present to him was a pair of fishy boxers and a matching blue shirt for spring break.
SOOOOOO yes, we had a very, VERY eventful Valentines day... but it was wonderful and it was definitely UNFORGETABLE!!! :) Here are some pics from the day... a few are on facebook, some aren't... enjoy!

Maeve REALLY loved her "Pun Bop" pillow and balloon!

Not quite too sure what to make of Elmo... she tackled him at first... we're working on the word "GENTLE" :)

Trying to pose with Maeve... she's got a mouth full of pringles! And you can kind of catch a glimpse of my poor face...
Ohhhh Lola... this was horrible!
This is my eye tonight. YIKES!

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Becky said...

Kerith has the same V-day shirt that Maeve is wearing :)