Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Sweetest Thing.

Daddy & his Valentine... 2/13/09
Daddy & Maeve LAST year 2/1/08

Ohhhhh this night will forever stand out in my memory and will always melt my heart and bring back the sweetest memories. Friday, Feb.13th was the Daddy Daughter Dance at the studio... and it was completely adorable and heart warming. We went last year, Maeve was 4 months old and it was sweet, but ya know, she fell asleep 20 minutes into it and we went home! :) This year, we stayed for 2 WHOLE hours- Ryan and Maeve danced the night away and frequented the food table... :) I literally just sat back and watched my 2 loves enjoy each other. I had tears in my eyes 99% of the night! :) it was sweet to see EVERY dad there with their daughter.
I can't wait until Maeve is old enough to understand the role that Ryan plays in her life. I mean she gets that he is one of her caretakers at this point, but I am SO excited for her to form that unbreakable father/daughter bond. I have about a zillion pics of the dance because like I said, I was just sitting back and watching, I posted almost all of them on facebook, but just for kicks I'll post a few here :)

Daddy & Maeve LAST year :) 2/1/08

I squeezed in there for a fam. pic:)

Our family LAST year... we miss you Meghan!!!!

Ryan dipping Maeve :) LOVE this one!

Eating! Maeve had about 5 cookies... really.

Me, sitting & watching... you can probably see tears in my eyes!!

This was Maeve at the end of the night!!! She was one tuckered out date!


Mallory said...

wow-neat to see pictures from a year ago compared with now. Too cute. Your Valentine's day sounds so, so sweet, poor Lola and ouchhh to your face though! daaanggg girl!

Kase and Jules said...

This is why I would want a girl :) Daddy's and daughters are the best!