Friday, February 13, 2009

This Is NUTS.

Okay, so my mom told me about this story today- some of you may have heard of it on the news already, but anyways... so ya know how I was just in Florida? Well, this little town Satsuma, which is neighbors with Crescent City (where we were staying) is now in the spotlight on the national news- why??? ANOTHER sweet little girl has gone missing. Unbelievable. This one is just really hitting home for a few reasons- first, my grandma has taught all of the Cummings (thats Haleigh's last name) two, she went to Crescent City Elementary school- where my mom went, where my cousins go, etc. And thirdly, my step cousin Robbie, KNOWS this family personally- he's helping with the search and organizing prayer groups, etc. It is just nuts. Anyways, on facebook there is a group called "Praying for Haleigh Cummings" you should join it, and join in the praying for the sweet girl- you can find it on my groups list.

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