Thursday, February 12, 2009

Loooove Is In The Air!

So my favorite holiday is ONE day away and I am super excited! I've been guessing about what Ryan has in store for what he knows is one of my fave. days of the year :) And I will admit- that perhaps I am living in a dreamland sometimes and my expectations can get pretty wild but each and every year its usually the same thing... dinner and flowers :) Which is really nice, and of course makes my day, but I dream about him setting something romantic up- totally original and unforgettable. So far, our Valentines days have kind of all blended together... haha that sounds horrible! Ohhhh I love my man sooooo much- thats the purpose of this post actually- to share with you the wonderful early :) V-day gift he gave me...

Tonight (Thursday) I had a meet in Saline... BLAH big time to that! Saline is a good 45 minutes away and I had just judged last night, which meant I missed Maeve's dinner, bathtime, etc. So I was super bummed that I was going to miss out on spending time with BOTH of them for the 2nd night in a row. So Ryan came up with this fantastic idea that he AND Maeve would come WITH me to Saline- first off, I was excited because I loooove just driving with him- a chance to sit and talk without distractions- 2ndly, I was excited to show Maeve what I do- even though she doesn't really have a clue, its still fun to expose her to gymnastics! and 3rdly, I thought it was so sweet that Maeve and Ryan would have a "daddy/daughter" night out. So I was thrillllled to say the least as we started off for Saline. The plan was to drop me off at the high school and then Ryan was going to take Maeve to McDonalds for some chicky nuggets and some playtime in playland. Then he was going to bring her back and let her run a few laps around the track, watch the meet, that sort of thing :) It was AWESOME to see her and Ryan in the stands- she was clapping at everything and I smuggled a few of the 3 musketeers mini bars they had at the judging tables and gave them to her in between breaks :)

The night was really wonderful- besides hearing and seeing a poor girl pop her knee out of socket... YUCK!!!!!!!! So yeah, I am counting tonight as a Valentines day gift- I didn't have to drive at all.... YEA! And I got to sort of spend the evening with my 2 loves. I thought it was super selfless of Ryan to come home from a long day at work and hop in the car for a 45 minute drive just to go to a mcdonalds and watch a boring high school gymnastics meet... but ya know? That's just the kinda guy he is :) And I am blessed tremendously. :)

Now get this, tonight was just the start of our Valentines Day festivities! :) HAHA... tomorrow is the "Daddy/Daughter Dance" at the studio- Ryan took Maeve last year when she was 5 months old!! So we're getting all geared up for that... and then there's Saturday! Who knows what surprises await :) haaahhh.... but like I said, I already feel more than loved and thats what Valentines day is allllllll about.

I will probably update on Sunday... about our entire weekend. If you haven't noticed, I've been slacking a bit on blogging. Nothing really has been going on, and by the end of the night, usually I'm too tired to come up with something to write about... SO everyone, have a LOVELY, LOVE FILLED weekend!!!!

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