Friday, February 20, 2009

Girls Day... Sorta.

Isn't everyday a girls day around here? :) It's me, Maeve & 2 female dogs pretty much hangin' around the house all day, every day, so I suppose it is. But today I took Maeve AND Lola (she's kind of become my traveling companion... Roxy doesn't travel well and likes to have the house to herself, so it makes sense to take Lola) to Lansing for some fall/winter shopping for NEXT year. Now the whole purpose of going to Lansing was to take Maeve to that mini play-place they have. I've posted pics and stuff about it before, its not incredible but it beats anything that Jackson has to do. So we woke up, got dressed, ate and headed up to the mall... Maeve was in an awesome mood the whole time because of Lola sitting beside her in the back seat.
We got to the mall right around 10:30 and I was so excited to let Maeve loose in the play area, but when we got there it was PACKED. In fact, I over heard a few moms talking and apparently there were at least 2 different play groups there- so yeah... that thing was at its capacity. I felt so bad for Maeve- we drove that whole way and she could barely do a thing. Every time she'd try and climb up the slide some bigger kid would come and knock her down... or she'd crawl under the bridge thingy and a kid would jump off the side of it and land on her (that happened like 3 times and it was driving me MAD...errrrr). And her favorite thing to do there is drive the airplane- never, not once did this kid get out of the thing. Maeve kept running over to it and I would say pretty loudly to try and give this clueless mother a hint, "Its HIS turn right now. We have to wait." THINKING that she'd get her kid out and let someone else have a turn driving it... maybe I'm just being super ornery but my gosh, it was a complete madhouse and just about every kid in there (besides Maeve of course :) was bugging me. I let her run as much as she could for 20-25 minutes and then strapped her back in the stroller and did a quick run to Old Navy. I STOCKED UP!!! Old Navy was having a baby sale on all of their clearanced items- you got to take an EXTRA 50% off any clearanced thing... so I got 3 turtlenecks, each for $1.69, 2 pairs of sweat pants, each for $1.99, a pair of PJs for $3-something, 2 shirts for $2-something, 2 fleece sweatshirts for $4-something and 2 pairs of leggings for like 49 cents each! ALL in 2T & 3T- we have a pretty good start for next fall/winter :) After shopping at O.N. we got her fave. mall snack- pretzels and lemonade... and headed BACK home for lunch. So it was a super quick trip- if that playland weren't so crowded it would've been more productive. But it was still a nice morning.
I just put her down for her nap... and after she wakes up I think we're gonna make a trip to Westwood mall (here in town) b/c I still have a 20% off coupon for gymboree & its gymbucks time!!! :) So that's why I'm calling today a "girls day"- pretty much a full day of shopping... which I hope one day, Maeve will come to actually enjoy. I'm confident she will :)

I only snapped up one pic. from today b/c it was wayyyy too crazy to get my camera out while she was playing...
This is MaeMae eating her pretzel... on our way back home from shopping :) It's kinda gross but I dip her sticks in cream cheese and she just licks it off... eccch. But she likes it a LOT :)

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