Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've Entered The World of WEBKINZ...

help me now! My mom, Maeve and I were walking through the crossings today and Maeve ran in a store and grabbed this pink platypus "Webkinz" animal. She wouldn't put the thing down so my mom insisted on buying it for her- I kept saying "MOOOOOOM we have a million stuffed animals all over the house! NO MORE! -plus she's getting her "Elmo live" on Sat!!!! :) But my mom did her usual thing "She liiiiikes it Ashley." And the platypus was bought... and into the world of Webkinz I dove.

See, I have been hearing a ton of stuff about those animals and since I am a frequent toy shop shopper, I see them everywhere. And yeah, I think they're cute and its adorable how they make like every single animal you can imagine (this store had HOOT owls!?! What kid would want a scary looking owl???) but I didn't see what was so cool about them. That was........... until I registered and adopted "Sarie", the pink platypus.

Haha, it was soooo cute- we got home and I handed over the duck to Maeve while I took the special coded tag :) I registered Maeve so maybe eventually she can play with her virtual duck... but I named it "Sarie" (it looked like a sarie to me?) and today I spent a good 2 hours playing games earning webkinz points to feed and clothe the thing!!!!!! HAHA! Ryan is making fun of me :) Whatever, its cool and now I'm addicted. What is MaeMae getting in her Easter basket this year??? WEBKINZ!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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