Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Do You Remember?"

"Do You Remember" is one of my fave. jack johnson songs, and today, it just so happens to apply perfectly to my life :) Ryan and I went on our FIRST official date 9- yes NINE years ago today, Feb. 25th. I judged tonight with an old high school friend/gymnastics team mate and I think that, combined with the day and everything, made the high school memories come flooding back :) The whole drive home from Adrian (where my meet was at) was spent remembering those summer nights, when Ryan and I didn't have jobs and we'd spend our hours renting movies and hanging out in the basement... or the endless bus rides home from gymnastics meets- sharing the back seat with friends and talking about our boyfriends:) I LOVED high school... and sometimes, gulp, I will admit it- I miss it! I miss seeing my friends every day, I miss the simplicity of it, I miss being on a team, all that good stuff. :) Anyways, the purpose of this post is really to just put into perspective all the different ways a life can go...

My good friend Caytie and her boyfriend Abiman set Ryan and I up... it was really a joke on me- I wasn't super popular and Ryan was- and they TRICKED me into thinking that he liked me. I totally went to his basketball games thinking that he liked me and blah blah blah... it turned out that he didn't even know my name :( sad huh? But once he heard about what ABIMAN had done, he wrote me a note and its all history from there. We went to snowfest on Feb. 25th of 2001 and officially started dating that night :) I remember going home the next day (I had spent the night at Suzies house:) and writing in my journal that "this was the man I was going to marry" and a lot more- like how good looking he was and how I thought I was going to throw up on the way to the dance because I was so nervous! :) Anyways, for our wedding I ripped those pages out of my old journal, framed them and gave it to Ryan as a wedding present.

There are times, to be totally honest, that having so much history with a person kind of bites you in the butt :) - and then, 99% of the time, I feel like I have my best friend and my soul mate beside me... this man knows every SINGLE thing about me- every single thing I've ever done, and yet his love is endless.

I can't wait to bring Maeve back to Western High to show her where momma & dadda met... to show her the cafeteria where we had our first date & dance. And the hallways where sooooo many notes and smiles were passed. What awesome memories we have :)


Ang said...

:) I feel the same way about Nick and I and showing Drew and telling him how we met! (We were highschool sweethearts too) :) Good times and memories!

Mallory said...

1. you're so slacking on your blog my lady!
2. i'll be in EL March 21st and again mid April--hoping we can meet up at least one of the dates
3. cute post :)
4. add my gmail address!

k that's all, thanks, love youuuu, bye!

Becky said...

It's hard to believe that it's been nine years. You and Ryan have been very good for each other. I know you're the blogger in the family, but I hope that he is telling you what you have brought to his life, too. He gets the public kudos from you, but at least he tells his mom and dad how much he loves you. :)