Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yup, my hand's raised... oops- totally been slacking on the blog. For good reason though! It has been busy and sickly around here! And unfortunately this post is gonna be a bit short... but I just wanted to update and let you all know that we are still here!

Ryan- sick all last week with a cold/flu? It was horrible not having my other half to help me out with Maeve! Especially since Maeve was sick herself. Fortunately Ryan and Maeve are feeling much better! Ryan still has a cough that wakes the entire house up every night... but fevers, yucky nose and sore throats are (hopefully!!!!!!!!!) a thing of the past!

Maeve- like I said, was sick all last week. Super sad to see her down and out :( She was running a high fever for 3 days and had a runny nose. I took her into the doctor and they ran a battery of tests (strep culture, influenza test!) and everything came back fine. SO it was viral- a cold- but nonetheless it made for a cranky and sick bubba cakes.

ME- woooooh! Between taking care of Ryan & Maeve last week I'm exhausted myself... this Saturday is my last gymnastics meet- I am kinda sad... the cash flow (or MY cash flow) will be abruptly stopping after Saturday.

Spring break is coming up sooooon! And I couldn't be more excited- seriuosly- I go to bed GRINNING at night with thoughts of the ocean, SUNSHINE, Universal & good FOOD swirling and twirling around in my head! Just tonight Ryan came home with our confirmed rental car paper work & UNIVERSAL tickets (from AAA). SO we are SET to go- we just need to get to April 15th!!! :)

OTHER good news- I went to the doctor this morning for some blood work (they're checking my thyroid & iron levels) and I got weighed- drumroll...................................I WEIGH 119!!!! That is 4 lbs. away from my goal weight!!!! :) I think I've said it before, but the scale has been out of the house for a couple of months now so I had NO CLUE where my weight was number wise. I knew my clothes were fitting much better and lots of people were asking if I had lost weight :):):) but I was so excited to have a NUMBER. And now I am motivated as ever to lose these extra 4-5 lbs. and not only be at my goal weight, but also at my pre-preggo weight!

Spongebob fever is still raging around here- Maeve is ADDICTED! We watch spongebob allllll day long! And she stomps around the house saying "PUN BOP PUN BOP!" Its super cute and I guess there could be a worse cartoon for her to be in love with... but I was really thinking her first "obsession" would be a Disney princess of some sort... hmmm.. guess not. But its kinda cool because we're going to Universal Studios on spring break and they have an entire spongebob section in the park so she will LOVE that!!! I'm hoping we can meet the life size spongebob character and get a pic with him :)

Maeve also is in love with her nuks. BLAH- its kind of annoying me because she's not talking as much now that she's got a stinkin nuk in her mouth. But I try and pluck it out a few times a day to get her talking... she is ALL about animals- and can say most animal noises... meow, moo, "blah"-her frog noise? :), sssssssss (snake), a high pitched noise which is for dolphins... woof... lets see what else? OH she loves trains- we live right by some railroad tracks and sometimes on lucky days we get to see a train go by she goes "CHOO CHOO!!!" and gets soooooooo excited! :) She is also more in love with the dogs than ever- constantly chasing them, pulling their tails, laying on them, hugging them, etc. I keep telling Ryan she needs a sibling- because at the moment she totally thinks the dogs are her playmates :)

WELL sorry this was so choppy, random and short... but it's the end of the day and I'm exhausted!

~Continue to keep Haleigh Cummings in your thoughts and prayers! I know things aren't looking too great for a safe return, but you never know!!! I am glued to Nancy Grace every night in hopes that there will be a break in the case... crazy.

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