Monday, February 23, 2009

Spongebob Fever...

It has been a tad bit crazy around here lately- Maeve is either teething or has a cold... its so hard to tell- but anyways she has been a night owl... up at LEAST 5-6 times a night- not for long periods, just crying for 5 minutes or so. But its super hard to feel rested when you're waking up every couple of hours. And then you'd think that she would be really tired and sleep in later in the mornings or something... but nooooo, we're still up at 7 :( So yeah, the lack of sleep is really getting to me and to Ryan AND to Maeve- she just doesn't know it :) She is soooooo cranky- all the time- we took her out for dinner on Saturday & Sunday night of this past weekend and she was a little stink! Lots of whining, crying and clinging- sooooo not fun. One thing that does make her really happy though is SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS. OMG- its hilarious. She catches sight of him everyyyyywhere! At the grocery store this morning all I heard was "Pun Bop Bop Bop." Its super cute :) but for a chick who is cranky and wants what she wants when she wants it, it makes for a very difficult time at the store. We walked out with SPONGEBOB cheese-itz, SPONGEBOB cereal and SPONGEBOB temporary tattoos... haha- I am SOOOOO that mom that will do whatever to appease my child- especially in public places! If it stops her from crying and allows me to finish shopping, its in the cart :)

Anyways not sure where her recent obsession came from- but she just loves her some "Spongebob" and yeah, she watches the show too. Which, for kids shows is actually pretty funny... so I secretly like watching it too :) When we got home from shopping, I put one of her tattoos on her arm- she got craaaaazy! haha :) She was stomping and jumping all over yelling "PUN BOP BOP BOP! PUN BOP BOP BOP!" it was hilarious :) I got a pic of her FIRST AND ONLY tattoo :)

Let's hope this week flies by!!!

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Kase and Jules said...

She likes Spongebob?? That is HILARIOUS! Griff is obsessed with Blues Clues, oh hell.