Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Westin...

Hmmmmmm, what can I say? It wasn't the most relaxing get away, given the fact that Maeve morphed into "The Thing." That sounds really mean to say!!! But ohhhhhhhh my gosh- she was a complete nightmare. From the minute we left the house to the minute we got home- I am not sure what is going on but she is so incredibly whiny- and just plain grouchy. When we booked the hotel room, as we do with most things, we had Maeve in the forefront of our mind- so we got a window suite overlooking the tarmac so she could watch the airplane take off and land (it is pretty cool). We also decided to get to the hotel a couple hours earlier than we usually do so we could take her swimming- it had been months since she had been in a pool, (Disney World) and she loves the water so we figured she'd have a blast swimming.

After what seemed like a 4 hour drive to Detroit (due to Maeve's screaming) we got to the Westin, checked in and realized she had a wet dipe- "OH!" we thought to ourselves, "THAT's why she was screaming in the car!" So we quickly changed her into her swimmer diaper and bathing suit. She totally dug running around in her skivvies. We even let her take a few laps around the 5th floor- just running and checking out the place. It was hilarious to say the least- here Ryan and I are covering ourselves up in our wayyyy too small bathing suits and our daughter, with her super chunko thighs and pot belly running around so freely... oh to be a kid again! Anyways, we made it down to the pool and it was pretty crowded- lots of kids splashing and lots of adults lounging, watching the action in the pool... Ryan got in first, and I peeled off my towel to reveal my giant boil (YES did I mention I have this nasty red/purple boil on my thigh????) and stretchy boobs (they were covered of course, but nevertheless they were saggy and gross) and I crouched my way over to Ryan, who was waiting in the pool for the hand-off. AS SOON as Maeve touched the water all hell broke loose- the water wasn't cold or anything- she just LOST it. I mean I haven't seen crying like this before!!! It was horrible! She was shaking and clinging to me- yes I was still hunched over the pool, now my boobs probably were being exposed because she was pulling at my suit. It was awful. Ryan and I were trying to act all cool, but there was no getting around it, Maeve, Ryan and pasty, fat, I captured the entire rooms attention- and not in a good way. We were out of that pool room as fast as we could throw on our towels- I had worn my Uggs down to the pool- thinking I would dry off and put them on, but I shoved my feet in them soaking wet- and off we ran to our room- with our SCREAMING, shrieking baby in tow. We got back to the room, set her down and looked at eachother, and then at her. In unison we said "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ABOUT?" And there was our sweet girl looking back at us, red faced but semi-calmed down by this point.... sooooooooooooooooooooo strange. And even more disturbing than the whole pool incident is the thought of having a child afraid of water! NO!!!!! We are BEACH people!!!!
SO that was sort of the catalyst to the rest of our night... to sum it all up quickly- Maeve didn't go to bed until 9 or so, but we had given her a bottle and laid her down around 8- so for about an hour we had to listen to crying as we laid stiff as boards in the bed- pretending to be asleep. Usually at home, if she's having a hard time getting to bed, we'll turn on her turtle star thing or shut her door all the way so its totally dark- at the hotel, we were stuck- all 3 of us in there. So yeah... it was not so fun.
After Maeve did go to bed we ordered a movie- "Eagle Eye" which was pretty good... and then after all the craziness that had happened with Maeve, we looked at our HUGE bed and decided that MaeMae should sleep in the middle :) It lasted for about an hour, then she pooped a big one and we had to change her and back in her crib she went.
Anyways, it was a good break from the monotony of things, but not at all relaxing... oh well- you never know with kids how its gonna be!!!

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Mallory said...

bummer about cranky mae...but ash you seriously capture the best photographs... awesome!