Monday, January 5, 2009

Burn, Baby, Burn!!!!

I am doing SO good you guys- sticking to my exercise regime! My entire body is aching and sore but it feels awesome!!! I have been going to "Body Pump" and tomorrow I am trying out a "Pilates" class. I try and get in 4 cardio sessions per week (30 minutes of speed walking... I am SUCH a dork- totally that lady who is carrying 1 lb. weights and walking like a maniac around the track) and then EVERY time I go to the gym I do ab stuff. 2-3 times a week I do leg and arm stuff. I have the body type that if I lift too much I will bulk up- so cardio is my best fat buster.

The most fabulous news of all???? Maeve LOVES the "daycare" facility at the "Y." I can no longer use the excuse that Maeve needs a sitter. In fact, if anything, I would go to the "Y" just to let her socialize and play with other kiddos for an hour. What an awesome thing!!!! :)

At the moment, I haven't lost a ton of poundage or anything... 6 weeks ago when I started this whole thing my goal was to lose 20 lbs. So far, I've lost 12. So about 2 lbs. a week... But I physically feel great-

Here's a downfall though- the the other night at the Westin I brought a bathing suit that I wore at the beginning of my pregnancy- (back when I weighed like 115 or so) and honestly? I should have been arrested for indecent exposure. My boobs are just way too big to fit in that suit and my belly is still very rounded and my thighs are big and gross. A little discouraging after all that hard work. But I am going to continue to stick to it- and really, maybe by April I will be able to wear a bikni or something close to it...

Something else that stinks big time is the food comitment that goes along with the workout stuff. You can't do one thing- like workout without dieting and vice versa. So its been quite the challange to find and cook healthy meals that Ryan likes- I would eat salad or rotissere chicken every night- but Ryan likes his yuuuuuuck red meat. However, he's been really supportive and has eaten everything I've cooked- even that cauliflower mac & cheese :) Tonight its the "1905 Salad", a famous recipe from "The Columbia" resturaunt down in St. Augustine, FL. It is AWESOME to say the least and very filling because of the swiss cheese. We also cook spanish rice with it, so its fairly healthy... anyways we're trying here!!! :)


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