Saturday, January 3, 2009

Honesty Still Exists!!!!!

A half hour ago I was going to sadly entitle this post "Where'd All The Good People Go?" A popular song by my guy Jack Johnson. You see, for the past 3 days I have been on the hunt for my purse- not just any purse- but a $350.00 coach purse with the matching $290.oo wallet. IN that wallet was my license and about $400.oo in Christmas gift cards. To say the least I was SICK. Literally- last night I couldn't sleep and spent an hour in the shower dry heaving, trying my hardest to keep down dinner and quell that anxiety attack that was inching its way into my brain.
Between Ryan, my mom and I, we had been to every store in Jackson county and been on the phone with every lost and found department.
By this morning, I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that it was gone- probably stolen by some creepo from Walmart on New Years Eve (that was the last time I could recall having it). I had so much pent up "sickness" from the loss of my beloved purse, wallet and gift cards (not to mention $175.00 in gymbucks) that I called up Ryan's parents and asked them to come and watch Maeve so I could get in a good workout- I couldn't think of anything else to do to get the anger and sick feeling out.
I got a great "Body Pump" class in and felt muuuuuch better leaving the Y. And as I drove home I started thinking about how silly the whole thing was- it was a purse- replaceable- a wallet- replaceable- money- replaceable- gift cards- replaceable- I went on like this, going through my head, all the things that were now lost and that I'd have to replace. And of course, my mind wandered to irreplaceable things- Maeve, my husband, my family. Suddenly, things seemed brighter- I could go to Secretary of State and get my new license. I would eventually get over the loss of my Christmas gift cards, I might even luck out and have Ryan feel sorry enough for me and buy me a brand new Coach purse and wallet :)
After my workout I stopped home, fed Maeve some "deceptive" Mac & cheese and headed over to my moms house for another search sweep of their home. The entire time I was over at my moms I was moaning and groaning about how I have the worst luck- starting with the horrible birth experience I had all the way to the tooth extraction and the purse incident. My mom kept saying "Ashley, calm down- we're going to replace all of this... etc." Still though, I felt stupid and horrible for losing all my gift cards and in my head I was going over the huuuuuuuge "to do" list (like getting a new license, AAA card, etc.) I left my moms house feeling incredibly bummed and like God had His giant foot on me (I know get over it Ashley, right????) well I decided to go by Tim Hortons for some coffee pick me up. I went through the drive through and at the window, I paid, then asked- JUST for "laughs and giggles" if they had a lost and found- to my sheer and utter surprise- the window girl said "Brown coach purse?" I AM NOT KIDDING YOU I CRIED!
I STARTED CRYING AND SAYING "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" She wasn't and not ONLY did they have my purse, but they had me come in, view the security camera to confirm that nobody messed with my purse and obviously go through it, making sure everything was intact... then I signed a form and I was free to go with my PURSE- MY PURSE!!!!!!! I sat it in the front seat next to me like it was a long lost friend. The entire way home I kept grinning goofily at it and squealing to Maeve in the back seat about how "Momma's got her purse back!"
Of course when I got home I had a million phone calls to make- my mom, my grandma, Ryan- ALL of them were ecstatic- and my mom cried! hahaha! It was quite the emotional event... she was probably so wrapped up in it because half of those gift cards came from her :) Anyways, what a fabulous day! And whats even more exciting, is the honesty and integrity exhibited by the awesome employees of "Tim Hortons." I am going to send a "thank-you" card to the employees for their kindness and honesty.
Ahhhhhhhhhh..... I am on cloud 9 right now :) And pretty soon, we're headed up to Detroit for our "New Years" celebration. And you can bet I will have my purse securely fastened to me or the stroller at ALL TIMES. (the purse has these hooks on it that you can hook to whatever)

Anyways, again, I have been completely blessed by the grace of God and good people. Hope you all have a blessed weekend :)


Leslie Collins said...

Glad to hear that you found your purse. What a sickening feeling. I cannot imagine how relived you must have felt.

Missy said...

I am so glad that you were able to find your purse. I think it is wonderful how you were able to focus on the good in your life, instead of the incredible loss you were feeling. It helps to know there is someone greater than us in life. Take care!

Kase and Jules said...

That is insane!! I am so glad you found it :)