Saturday, January 10, 2009

We Are NOT Michigan People.

Us, trying to be "Winter" people.... NOPE just not us.
We should've known as soon as Maeve started crying when we put her in her snow gear it wasn't going to be good!

Maeve checking out all the other sledders... she seemed interested when we first got there... notice the gloves are off.

One of the saddest pics. I've ever taken. I just had to take it to document the pure hatred this child has for cold and snow. She was SO upset!!!!

Really, truthfully we're not Michigan people- I was born in St. Augustine, Florida and Ryan was born in Stillwater, OK. So we have some thin blood- we're NOT meant for this weather!

So you can call us Mr. & Mrs. Spontaneity because randomly on the way home from dinner tonight we thought it would be fun to take Maeve sledding. HAHAHAHA. We ran home and I went in to gather up coats, snow pants, hats, scarves, etc. We don't own sleds and I couldn't find gloves for myself, so we had to stop by my parents house on the way to Cascades. We dressed Maeve there- she hated every minute of it- and I tried my hardest not to look like a bum in all those horrible layers of clothing you have to wear, but... well, you can take a look at our fam. pic...

Anyways, we arrived at Cascades and things pretty much went DOWNHILL from there (no pun intended- Ang that is an awesome pun though right???). First off, Ryan stepped on that little river that runs through the park- he thought it would be frozen- and his foot went right through it... (haha I laughed:) That sounds mean- but I warned him! :) Maeve was NOT keeping her gloves on- she had yanked them off on the way to the park, but we thought oh well- we'll just put them on her when we actually get out of the car. THE ENTIRE WAY UP THE HILL (and you Jacksoners know how huge that hill is) SHE KEPT PULLING THEM OFF. And unfortunately they were white, so one by one they went missing. We wouldn't catch it right away and then realize a minute later her glove was gone- one of us would go running back down the hill in search of it. Needless to say, Maeve came home gloveless. We finally made it up to the top of the hill and realized our sled probably wasn't big enough for all 3 of us- so Ryan said he'd push us and then just catch up at the bottom of the hill... Maeve was sitting in my lap, and Ryan started pushing us but we went sideways, backwards, any way BUT forward, and Maeve who was sitting in the front, got snow sprayed up in her face. So she was screaming, Ryan was tripping down the hill and I was hanging on to Maeve for dear life trying to stop our sideways sled. It was a nightmare. When we got to the bottom Maeve was TICKED. We had tucked her hands inside her coat before we had gone down the hill, but of course in the process of sledding down, they had become untucked and they were super red and cold... I was thinking "OOOOh jeez we just gave our daughter frost bite..." And her eyelashes were coated with snow. It was horrible!!! After all that preperation we ended up sledding down the hill ONCE. We ran back to the car as fast as we could and I sat in the back with Maeve rubbing her hands on the way home.

Well that was our ONE and only sledding trip we will be taking this winter. Poor MaeMae I think she's traumatized... between the snow spraying in her face and the fast hill, it must've been a trip for her. So yeah, I think we're going to be sticking to our tropical vacations... no skiing or winter crap for us. Beaches, surf and sun are what we crave :)


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Yes, very good pun; I laughed out loud!

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