Saturday, January 10, 2009

Limes Anyone?

I LOVE LIMES. And I visited Julies blog and discovered a new blog background site and found a wonderful lime background!!! How exciting huh? There is something about lemons and limes that makes me smile. And of course I had to incorporate a margarita in the blog somehow... :)

Today is a terribly boring day here in JACKSON, MI. It is snowing like mad and its freezing... fun huh? I was planning on going to Ann Arbor to shop with Meghan for a bit then take her to the airport in Detroit, but the roads are so bad I chickened out and had my mom & dad take her. Instead, I've spent the day holed up in the house with Maeve... Ryan has decided to take a 9-5 class on Saturdays... nice- NOT. I thought it was bad enough that he had to work from 9-1, now its pretty much "Buh-bye Ryan" 6 days a week. Sunday is now our one and only free day. I have been told that this is for the good of our family- that with taking this class and ultimately getting his degree, we will be able to move out of here and into a warmer climate. Ugh who knows... my dad has been telling my mom for 20 years that they're moving south... poor mom!

On a happy note, Kohls is having this crazy sale here- I'm not sure if its everywhere, but you don't need to spend any set amount of money- like yesterday I spent 20 bucks, today I spent 12 and BOTH times I got TEN DOLLARS in Kohls cash. So now I have 20 dollars in Kohls cash... I am planning on taking another trip there tonight and buying this dress I've been eyeing to get another 10 bucks... then I'll have 30 in K. cash... hopefully enough to buy a new bathing suit with? :) My mom and I are going to Florida at the beginning of Feb. and I am tooooootally taking advantage of all the crazy clearanced summer stuff. I've found things from all over the place that are going to comprimise my spring break/summer wardrobe... and I've gotten most of the stuff for super cheap! :)

Anyways, be careful on the roads (if you're here in Michigan)! Just for the record, if you didn't know it, I HATE IT HERE!!!!!

Adios :)

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