Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First Post of 2009!

Welcome to the New Year everyone! No, I wasn't awake to ring it in, but here I am, in 2009! Not to be a "Debbie Downer" or anything, but I was as sick as a dog last night- we ate at "Hunt Club" and I got some greasy thing that made my stomach hurt instantly. So yeah... I was up from about 3-5 in the bathroom. Nice. Also for some reason, out of all the mornings, Maeve decided to wake up at FIVE this morning... wth? But Ryan got up with her- I was exhausted from my overnight stay at the toilet. He let me sleep in until 9 or so... and then opened the bedroom door and let Maeve tackle me :) If you HAVE to wake up, I would prefer to be awakened like that :) My stomach still doesn't feel good- I had coffee and a teeny bite of muffin this morning but thats it.

Also, I have been ditched for a football game. Ryan, on his DAY OFF, decided to go to his bosses house (of all places!!!) to watch the game. Thankfully, Maeve is sleeping and I am hoping to get a nap in and wake up to a better feeling stomach.

And to answer everyone's question: NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! That's a fact!

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