Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dents, Divots, Dimples, DANG IT

Sooooooooo one of my new year resolutions is to lose my baby weight- ALL of it. I only gained 35 lbs. or so during my pregnancy but because of all the craziness that ensued AFTER I gave birth, losing that weight has been really tough. Yup, that is one of my resolutions- another, is to resolute to EMBRACE this new body of mine- even when I get down to my goal weight, my body is not, will not ever be the same.

Tonight I gave Maeve a bath and she was doodling all over the tub with her new bath crayons. After Ryan came to get her, I turned on the shower and started scrubbing all of her "drawings" off the walls. Okay, this next part may sound a bit crazy, but we've all seen those "Dr. 90210" shows right? Where the doc. draws where he's gonna lipo you? Well I took Maeve's green crayon and started circling ON MY BODY where I wanted improvement. Sadly enough, I looked like "Shrek" by the end of it. It really doesn't matter HOW much weight I lose, I have dimples and divots in my stomach that will never, EVER go away- dimples in my thighs and butt that no amount of squats are going to take care of and extra stomach skin that is just gonna be there. That's when I made the resolution to become healthy- lose the weight, and when I reach that goal weight EMBRACE what I have. I would never get plastic surgery- I'm too chicken... but I can't help feeling really discouraged knowing that this is it- this is my post-baby body and its always going to have stretch marks, dimples, dents and divots. DANG IT :)

I am pretty open on here (my blog) but not open enough to post a pic of me in a bikini- that would scare the bravest of the brave. But perhaps, after I get down to my goal weight I might post a pic in a bikini- stretch marks and all. They're apart of me- never to be rid of, and all I can do now is embrace them and make do!


Allison said...

That's right!! I love your upbeat attitude about your body and I also love that you are all about working out right now! BECAUSE you have totally motivated me to get my butt into matter how tired I am after work (possibly before) and GO WORK OUT:) I am trying to decide what to do but or what gym would work best with our location and schedule but I do know that I am going to start with jazzercise in SA. I used to do that all the time and I have made a promise to myuself to start going next Tuesday:) I am excited! plus Robert doesn't think I will do it so Im going to show him!! haha Thanks for the motivation and we can do it!

Kase and Jules said...

PLEASE post a pic of your body now :) I cannot imagine you look the way you say you do. You always look so great me Ash!