Friday, January 9, 2009

ALOHA!!! & Mornings With Maeve

ALOOOOOOOOOOHA (and thats Aloha GOODBYE not Aloha Hello) to those stupid "Aloha Chicken Kabobs." Remember my post the other day about how I'd post pics of my kabobs and my beautiful cauliflower pototatoes? I'm sure none of you were sitting around waiting for that post, BUT to clarify why there is no "Aloha Kabobs" post, its because I screwed up royally. The whole recipe makes no sense to me- it said to twist the chicken on and around the skewers (WOODEN skewers) and then to coat a frying pan in olive oil and cook them. I was even thinking to myself "this makes no sense- the wood is going to burn!" Well, I about started a fire when I put all those kabobs in there. The wood was burning and smoking like crazy- and the worst part? our very nice sauce pan that I use daily is completely ruined. NO thought of salvaging it. UGH so yeah, ALOHA (goodbye) to those kabobs and my pan. We won't be trying that recipe again..

Maeve in the mornings :) Wild haired and ready to go!

Now onto this morning...This morning was a very typical morning with Maeve :) I thought I'd share what we do... WELL actually, I don't make her french toast every morning- she usually gets toast and bananas- and once or twice a week I'll make her pancakes or french toast. Anyways, this morning it was a french toast morning and I moved away from the traditional egg/milk mixture to make the toast- I used yet another recipe from my deceptive cookbook. I used sweet potatoes AND pineapple, along with eggs and cinnamon- I must say, it looked and smelled SO good. MaeMae isn't a huge eater but she ate almost every bite of it. YEA!!!

Yea! Maeve's empty plate! VERY rare sight... so I had to take a pic!

After breakfast, we played with her new tea set (YES I found it at Target and its the cutest thing ever) , and then Auntie Meg came over to baby sit- I had yet another appointment up in Ann Arbor.

Maeve playing with her tea set... it sings a sharing song... how cute is that?

After Ann Arbor, I made it back just in time to give Maeve her afternoon bottle. I was SO, SO, SO looking forward to taking a nap (that drive to AA once a week is really tiring me out!!!) but Maeve must've snuck some caffine or something because that kid was CRAAAAZY! It took me about an hour and a half to get her to bed. UGH....
Anyways, the night turned out to be a good one- Daddy (Ryan) took us out to dinner and Maeve's night was made when we got to sit right next to the giant fish tank at Darryls. Tomorrow we're gearing up for an emotional day- we have to say goodbye to Auntie Meg :( We probably won't see her until the end of the summer. And its always sad because we know how much growing and changing Maeve is going to do in all those months and Meghan will miss out on all of it. WELL I ate way too much tonight at dinner and I am second guessing my spicy buffalo chicken choice- acid reflux STIIIIINKS!


Becky said...

hey ash...i just wanted to comment about your kabobs...we make them all the time on the grill, which is different than in a pan full of oil, but we use the wooden sticks and we soak them in water overnight that way they don't start on fire on the grill. But, like I said, a grill is different than a pan full of oil but maybe that'll work for you. :) just an idea if you want to try them again! :)

Ashley said...

yeah thanks! It was a total disaster!