Friday, January 16, 2009

French Toast Fridays!

For the past few Fridays I've been making Maeve French Toast- not only is it a hit with Little Miss Magic, but it also takes care of left over purees :) Today she got carrot & beet french toast- and AGAIN ate just about every bite. This stuff is gold- I swear! So I think we're going to make it a tradition- "French Toast Fridays!" Of course the kid doesn't know if its a Friday or a Monday, but still, it will be a nice change from cereal! And I swear it takes about 2 seconds to make- I am not big on spending a lot of time in the kitchen early in the mornings- I will do the overnight bakes in the crockpot or stuff like that, but totally not into waking up early to make breakfast- heck I can barely manage to make dinner half the time. But this truly is easy and only "dirties" a few dishes... nice :) Again, I would totally post the recipe but those dang copyright infringements!

Today we have NOTHING on our plates- absolutely nothing! I don't have to work tonight :)YEA! I am hoping to talk Ryan into going to the mall and entertaining Maeve for a little bit while I raid Gymboree for the 2nd time this week :) We'll see...

Tomorrow I am supposed to judge in Adrian... I have this sinking feeling though its gonna be cancelled... jeez I could totally use that 160 bucks. Who knows though... the weatherman could be wrong.

On the Maeve front, we have a new skill- or "thing" I should say. She is bilingual :) haha...not really- she just has found a new phrase that she loves saying "De Nada." She has this toy that speaks in French, English and Spanish and I guess its been on the Spanish mode, because there's no denying it, she's been going around saying "DAAAAAAAY naaaaaaada" strange thing to say but cool. She also has been saying "OHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO" very dramatically. Its funny- the other night on the way home from gymnastics she was in the back seat saying "oooooooooohhhhhhhh nooooooooo." No clue why or where she picked that up- I never say "OH no" usually I just say "NO!" :) But again, pretty neat she is becoming so verbal :) Also, every time the phone rings she puts her hand up to her ear and says "hello?" And when she's got the phone actually IN her hand, she says "Hello?" and then jibber jabbers to herself... funny kid.

It's hard for me to imagine her being a talking person, but it excites me to no end. I can't WAIT to hear what's on her little mind and telling her how to say something and what it means and actually knowing its sticking in there :) Right now there's a lot of "Maeve this is baby's nose, these are baby's eyes, but I think its going in one ear and out the other :) Apparently she's learning more from her toys than she is from me!

Oh how is everything going on the sick front? Ryan is as healthy as a horse (of course- he NEVER gets sick!!!) I think I've lost about 10 lbs. this week from loss of fluids out of both ends (nice image i know) and not eating... and Maeve is STILL having blow outs- her doc.said while she's breaking these teeth and fighting this virus its totally expected that she have diarrhea and to not be worried about it... BUT wow its getting sooooooo old changing her bedding, giving her yucky baths and cleaning poop stains out of clothes. (for those of you who haven't been keeping count this is our 8th day of it...)

Wellllll........... I hope everyone has a safe and realxing weekend. TGIF :)

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