Friday, January 16, 2009

F-5 TORNADO!!! AKA Maeve!

Oh my goooodness can this girl whip through a room and create some pretty hefty damage within mere minutes. Today, I was on the phone and standing outside her room in the hallway- I thought she was playing with her toys and reading books- I could hear her in there, and it sounded like she was pulling books off her shelves- which is nothing new or alarming :) I turn around and the room is DESTROYED. It couldn't have been more than a few minutes... that chick works fast!

Maeve (and Lola) and the disaster she created! :)
AHHH!! So it kind of turned into a good thing- it forced me to organize her drawers and closet. I figured she did half the work- pulling everything out, I just needed to do the other half. For the next hour or so, I (with the "help" of Maeve) organized her closet and drawers from top to bottom :) YEA!!! Of course, it was super sad- I came across itty bitty biknis that she wore when she was 4 months! And we decided to put away the bulk of her bibs... she very rarely uses one because she is either naked (with a diaper on) or we just say heck with it. I also organized her hats/shoes/socks,etc. I definitely got teary eyed when I came across her baby hat- the one she wore in the hospital. What a priceless treasure :) I am burning UP with baby fever right now... how did my baby- this tiny, wrinkled, sweet smelling BABY turn into a full blown toddler in the blink of an eye??? Those days that seemed so long at the time, now seem not long enough. I want them back!! I don't know if I can handle seeing her grow and go to school, leave the house, get friends, etc. I want to be her best buddie forever- I want to spend everyday with her playing and goofing around at home. I want to eat strawberries on the kitchen floor with her and giggle about her funny faces she makes while eating them. I want to hold and comfort her grouchy butt after her naps and secretly laugh about the little drama queen I gave birth to :) I am dreading the day when it will no longer be "appropriate" to take baths with her... that has always been our time- we read books, name her squirty toys, splash eachother and somedays- on very,very rare days, she'll fall asleep on me (usually late at night after a LOOOOONG day). Anyways, the emotions were running high today as I packed away her baby gear. I know I will have more babies (God willing) but I will never have my first and I feel like my bond with Maeve is so crazy strong that another baby won't even come close to what we share. I have been told this is a very common feeling though... that you won't love your second baby as much as you love your first. I trust my heart will grow and I will have even more of that sweet, sweet love to fill me up.

Anyways, I can't see the screen because of the tears that are welling in my eyes.... SO back to organizing- I will have to take some "after" pics. tomorrow morning- its not QUITE finished... there are still some clothes that I am debating on what to do with... so once her room is cleaned and organized, I will post some of those pics. For now, enjoy these :)
Maeve & her mess (that could be a book title!)
Thankfully there isn't anything dangerous in her changing table (we keep the Destin, nail clippers, etc. up high... BUT she did pull out every single bib and diaper!
She really took it out on her hangers and clothes... yikes!
She also went through the bottom drawers of her dresser...

What is the best thing about kids? Their innocence :) She had NO CLUE she had done anything wrong! :) I looked in there and shrieked and there she was sitting in the midst of her mess like everything was peachy keen! How can you stay upset with a face and an attitde like that???

Maeve "helping" me :) haha... I would fold a pair of pants and they'd be unfolded within seconds.
Bathing suit drawer! Organized and looking great! :) Notice that price tag on the blue bathing suit- 5.97??? :) That's a Gap bathing suit folks! I am addicted to buying bathing suits because at the end of the summer you can get them for soooooooooo cheap!!!!!

Maeves new organized closet :) These are the rest of her winter/spring clothes that actually fit her and aren't stained or ruined :)

Goodbye tutus! Goodbye adorable dresses that were never even WORN!!! (I am banking on the fact that I will have more girls... that way I won't feel as guilty about having stacks of unworn clothing...yikes)

Today, Friday marks the end of a LONG, awful week for me. I've had the stomach flu, Maeve's had the stomach flu and I've literally been STUCK in the house all week (my garage door keeps sticking-freezing, rather, to the ground) so I have to come get bailed out by Ryan... blah I hate this weather! Today was the first day I DIDN'T have diarrhea (IN A WEEK!!!!) but my stomach still felt funny. However we decided to go to Applebees... bad idea- as soon as our queso dip and buffalo wings were delivered and I started to eat them my stomach started to gurgle. We had to ask for our check and box everything to go. It was bad... I am a bit concerned about tomorrow- I have to judge in Adrian and I am terrified I'm going to be racing to the bathroom every 20 seconds. And I'm sad to leave Maeve of course- she's sick too... and she's been super clingy to me and sometimes yes, its a tad annoying, but 99 percent of the time I'm soaking it up. Anyways, I feel guilty for leaving her sick... what can you do though? Mama's gotta make some money! :)

Alright, it is sooooo time for me to get some sleep.


Leslie Collins said...

Ashley, I hope you are feeling better. That is NEVER fun!

It was great seeing you on Friday. I am sorry I couldn't talk more when we saw you in the mall. Hope to get together soon.

Ashley said...

haha did you notice how quickly we ate and ran??? That was me! Maeve and I have had this stomach bug all week- finally gone (haven't gotten sick in 2 days now??) but anyways I was feeling okay but I ordered CRAP for dinner and it didn't settle well. I was like "Ryan we need to go NOW!!!!!!!"

Amber said...

Oh I love her innocent face :) SO adorable!! Hope all is well with you!!