Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't Put Your Feet On The Floor

From the movie, "Spanglish" there is a scene where Flor and Michael are on this couch and Michael is trying to convince Flor not to put her feet on the floor because when that happens, reality will come flooding back. BTW- Spanglish is one of the BEST movies I have ever seen- and thats not just because my man is in it :) It truly is inspirational and has an incredible message about family, kids and relationships... AWESOME movie.

Anyways, today is a day I should have kept my feet off the floor. After a normal night sleep, waking up and stepping on the ground I realized that your whole outlook on life and people can be flip flopped in a second. Not going to delve into details here, because honestly, its stupid and not important. But what an emotional morning here in the McKenney house! After spending the good part of the morning crying, I needed OUT of the house. Out we went :)
***This has nothing to do with Ryan and I!!!! Don't want you bloggers to think we're having problems! :) ****

OMGOOOOOOOOD LORD is it cold out there. Anyhow, Maeve fared well- she's like a little star or something- I bundle her all up, cover her with a blanket and run her in, sheilding and holding her with my one hand and pushing the stroller with the other, we really make an entrance! Once we were in the mall, I strapped Maeve into her stroller and off we went to Gymbo. I made out really well- got tons of winter clothes for next year plus one outfit for our little trip to Florida that is coming up at the end of Jan. Dealing with gymbucks can be a bit confusing- it normally requires calculators and numerous trips back to the racks to "get up" to the total you need to actually redeem your gymbucks. So its always a bit nightmarish waiting in line with Maeve while doing this- she is usually arching her back, screaming at me and making quite the scene as I am desperately trying to figure out the gymbuck stuff. TODAY however, must've been my lucky day because as I was talking with the cashier and she was adding up my stuff with the calculator, I noticed something- QUIET- I look down and MaeMae is SLEEPING! I don't think she's fallen asleep in her stroller since Disney World- strange... anyways, after having an extremely emotional morning, I was thankful for the sleeping baby... and she stayed that way all the way home and right into bed. I layed down with her and we literally took a 3 hour nap!!! It was great to say the least- most nights I DO lay with her in our bed for a couple of hours while Ryan does homework, but hardly ever do we nap together... I felt like we were two buddies :) After she woke up, it was the usual rush to work- totally forgot Maeve hadn't had lunch (since she fell asleep at gymbo at 11:30) so yessss- I got my kid McDonalds!!! YUCK! Okay, I am pretty lenient with what she eats, but iiiiicccck I hated giving her that junk this afternoon.... whats a busy workin' mom to do though? :) I did choose apple dippers and chicken McNuggets though... that's not THAT bad right?

Anyways, work was crappy... since it was a snowday for all the schools, attendance was super low at gymnastics. Then I got home to find that while I was on the phone today, Maeve had taken olive oil, a jar of peanuts and white wine vinegar and had tossed them all over the gate and down the basement stairs. Little stinker!!! AND she had broken a bottle of my perfume today so our whole house smells like Ralph Lauren Blue... not a bad scent to have in the house but pretty bummed about the perfume loss.

Since I was so lazy this afternoon with Maeve, nothing was made or planned for dinner. We had to eat leftovers from last night :(

And to top the day off, I was sitting on the couch talking on the phone AGAIN :) - totally not paying attention (I will admit it!) and Maeve was sitting over in the corner of the living room- like where all her toys are, just in her diaper. About 10 minutes later, she emerged from her corner diaperless- I laughed, thinking "aw what a crazy girl we have." Then as she started crawling on the couches I noticed a smell- she had POOPED in her diaper, taken it off and had now crawled her naked, poopy butt all over the couches, her toys, some laundry and ME. YUUUUCK!!!!

So, yeah, I should've kept my feet off the floor- sometimes reality just plain STINKS...
(how's that pun for ya Ang?)

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