Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Productivity........ Stars For ME!

SUCH a good thing! It is 2:18 P.M. as I am starting to write this post... Maeve has been sleeping since one- and let me list out the things I have accomplished today... (yeah its a bit of bragging but just go with me here)

-Got Maeve out the door by 8:30 (a challenge on its own... again, those of you with multiple kids, don't know how you do it!)

-Got Maeve checked into "daycare" at the "Y" by 8:50-ish or so...

-walked 2.5 miles around the track by 9:30

-took a Pilates class from 9:40-10:40 (and BTW that mermaid/swimming junk is HARD- but I'm gonna def. keep up with it! I can already feel my core tightening!!!)

-occupied Maeve with one hand while pureeing ALL my veggies/fruits needed for this weeks "deceptive" dinners
(on the menu- beet pancakes w/ flax seed **AKA "Pink Pancakes"**, "Aloha Kabobs" (pineapple & sweet potato purees are used in this one- its basically chicken fingers rolled around in pineapple, sweet potato and egg whites then "fried" in bread crumbs), Mac & Cheese- that's tonight (Squash puree) and I made a tray of brownies with that iron packed spinach and carrots!)

-actually whipped up the mac & cheese (its ALL done, saran-wrapped in the fridge, ready to go- I swear, there is nothing better than that feeling of dinner being done and accounted for so early in the day :)

-matched a GIANT basket of socks together... I had been putting that off for weeks- they were Maeve's socks and they're sooooo tiny it takes about 20 hours to do... (actually it took about 30 minutes :)

Anyways what did I tell ya, PRODUCTIVITY, huh? Ryan will be so proud :) The one downfall to all of this is the kitchen looks like a hurricane hit it. But I'm afraid if I am banging around in there while Maeve is napping, she'll wake up... SO that will have to be taken care of later. Oh, and there was a tiny mishap with the pureeing of the spinach- the top flew off of the blender and we now have spinach on the ceiling and cabinets... blah. I'm sure I'll get around to scrubbing that off in a few months :)

*** Something else I wanted to share with you all that has nothing to do with my awesomeness (HA I am JUST KIDDING) is that I have been taking MaeMae to the "Y" with me now for a few weeks- AND putting her in daycare- its not that I am anti-daycare or anything, but all of you know me well for the most part and know I am a CONTROL FREEEAK! Meaning, I want to know what my kid is doing at all times, what she's eating, who she's around, etc. So the thought of relinquishing all control to two total strangers was to say the least, VERY difficult. But it turns out that it has been an amazing thing- for both Maeve AND I. Maeve loooooves her hour at the "Y"- she climbs through their Jungle Gym, watches movies and socializes with the other kiddos. And I of course, relish my "adult" time, either walking on the track listening to Bob Marley or taking a class of some sort. The thing that gets me, is that we go to church on a weekly basis, and on a weekly basis- like clockwork, we are called to the nursery to pick up our screaming child. But not ONCE- not one single moment in the handful of times that Maeve's gone to the "Y" nursery have I been called out or has she screamed/cried. It is sooooooo strange. In fact, every time I pick her up, I enter the room with this wince on my face and meekly ask "How did she do?" TOTALLY expecting to hear that she was crying/screaming/hitting/stealing toys, etc. but each and every time the lady tells me she was great! And that she has a definite love for babies :) It is really the sweetest thing- the "Y" has about 3-4 (depending on the day) infants/newborns all lined up in their carriers either sleeping or cooing, and Maeve will go to each baby and lean down, put her head on the baby's feet/legs and say "Awwwwwww BABY." It is, to say the least, downright adorable. And yes, gives me baby fever that much more. I came home today in fact and told Ryan about Maeve's love for babies- not baby DOLLS, but REAL live babies! We both agreed Maeve needs a sibling :) When that will be? Only time will tell... but stay tuned!

And for any of you mommas out there interested in getting yo-self in shape, the "Y" is running a special right now if you go in with a buddy- I'm not exactly sure what that special is, but I remember hearing about it on the radio and thinking "Wow, that's a really good deal!" And like I said, the nursery is great! So no excuses!!!! :)

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