Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who's That Who From Whoville?

Why It's Maeve!!!!

Ha our poor girl has been having some CAAAAA-RAZY hair days lately! Since she has a constant runny nose, I've been having to pull her hair back- but usually I can get it back into a nice little "bam-bam" type pony tail- the past few days though even the whispies are getting into her boogies so I've been having to gather up ALL of her hair and put it in pig tails. At the end of the day when we take her rubber bands out, her hair takes on a "who" state. (As in "How the grinch stole Christmas....") Tonight at Target, someone even said, "Look at that baby's hair!" Poor MaeMae:)

Anyways tonight was pretty productive- as I said, we went to Target and got some great book shelves- much needed for Maeve's room. We also got a stuffed animal hammock to keep all her stuffed animals off the floor. We've yet to put either one together or to use, but our goal is to organize all her toys/books/clothes BEFORE Christmas Eve. 2 days people, 2 days!

I'm about to Craigslist it up- looking for a toy box... a CHEAP toy box :)

But I will leave you with some shots of a typical Sunday night at the McKenney home- food, toys, chaos, etc.:

Our crazy girl :)
Um, yes, hello God, can I have those blue eyes too?

Momma's Ugg

MaeMae's Ugg

On the Run! Walking is no longer cool... its gotta be running.

Momma & MaeMae's Uggs... for some reason people everywhere get a kick out of this- the fact that we have matching Uggs... I figure if I am lucky enough to own a few pairs of Uggs, the love of my life should as well... and for the record Daddy owns a pair as well :)
Maeve stealing some turkey from Dadda's sandwhich. :)

OH! OH! OH! For those of you who have been following my blog, y'all know I had one HECK of a swollen face a few weeks ago- check out this sleek face now :) That's what I'm talkin' about! :) Peace out!

Ignore the squinty eyes and celebrate with me that I no longer look like a chipmunk! :)

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Anonymous said...

The cutest little Who I've ever seen!!!