Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baking. Wrapping. And the Reason.

I love to bake! I am actually pretty good at it- besides the botched pear pie I took to Thanksgiving, I haven't had too many mishaps in the kitchen. But I am really in for a LOT of baking this week- WEDNESDAY to be exact. I have all my gear lined up along the counter- all set and ready to go- I have 6 different types of cookies to make, along with one "bar" cookie and peanut butter balls, which aren't cookies.... but still require skilllllz. I'm a tad concerned with the lack of space in my kitchen and cooking supplies- like I'm going to have to make one cookie, then scrub out the bowl and make another kind. What a pain in the butt. What I'm more concerned about though is this little buggy that runs around my house like a wild thing... MAEVE. How in the HECK am I going to get probably 5 hours of baking done when I'm lucky if my child takes a 2 hour nap? We also have Culligan's Christmas party that day... anyways, its going to take some planning and mapping out, but I am determined to be a baking machine on Wed.

I am not going to take pictures quite yet of the giant load of presents that are cluttering our den (now named the "Toy Room") because frankly, it might make you think much less of me. That I spoil my kid rotten and that we spend beyond our means. Which unfortunately are both true- to a certain extent of course :) Anyhow, if I were smart I'd start wrapping some of her loot NOW, but instead, I am blogging and then I am going to continue to knit the never ending hat I have been working on for 2 weeks. So what will I be doing Christmas eve? WRAPPING. Oh how I wish I weren't a procrastinator....

And back to the room full of toys- I think I've really lost sight of why Christmas is even a holiday. I've been so concerned with getting the latest and greatest things for my 14 month old kid that I haven't once read our new "Nativity" book that I got her. Guilt. :( I know she won't really "get" Christmas for a few more years but when she does "get" it, I want her to understand the REAL reason why we celebrate it... I don't want her to focus on toys and santa and all the other holiday junk. Good thing God gives you a couple years to screw things up... hopefully I can get it right next year :/

Good luck this week with all of your holiday happenings- I hope they all go as planned :)

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