Monday, December 22, 2008

POOP & Pottery :)

*Warning- graphic and gross- if you don't wanna hear about baby poo move on:)
We started the day off with an awesome play date at "The Chelsea Treehouse" I think all the babies had a ton of fun (check out the pics!). Unfortunately, I wasn't really keeping track of the time and I thought it was around 11:30 or so when we left and that I'd feed Maeve at home- WRONG- we got in the car and it 12:45!!!!!!! So my poor friend Kelli had to listen to Maeve scream the entire way home... but I felt really bad for Maeve- totally forgot to feed the kid lunch. Sad huh?:(
We made it home despite the screaming and blowing winds and I made her a delicious lunch- she's still on the BRAT diet- so she got Bananas, toast and gatorade. All I can say is to HECK with the BRAT diet because around 3 or so, Maeve woke up COVERED- from head to toe and every crease, space and crevasse in between in green diarrhea. I was shocked when I opened the door- she was standing at her crib, literally COVERED in it. Here's a confession for you: I walked in the room and over to the window and slammed my head against the blinds and started crying. HAHAHAHA what a sight huh??? Maybe it had been a long day, maybe it was the fact that Ryan didn't get a lunch, maybe its that I haven't seen MY mom in 4 days, or maybe it was just because I had spent the ENTIRE night before cleaning her room- changing her bumper pads, her sheets, putting all her books away in her NEW bookshelves, putting her stuffed animals up in the hammock thing, anyways, WHO KNOWS why I can't handle stuff sometimes, but I had a mini melt down. But it is at THOSE moments that you realize being a mom isn't part-time- there are no breaks- there are no "I need some help with this" its just you and your kid. As much as I wanted to squint my eyes shut, wallow in my self pity and click my heels three times to perhaps magically appear in Hawaii, I couldn't. I had a poop covered kid standing in her crib looking at ME to help her out.
There was no need to cut the onsie off (this HAS happened before- never so badly though- and I had cut her onsie off in order to not spread the poo poo to her hair) but this time, the damage had been done. I just unbuttoned it and stripped her- then I stripped down myself... took her into our shower- with her exploded diaper still on. I was honestly afraid of opening it- I was scared that I would open it and like an open levy on a dam, it would come spilling out. That's why I put her in the shower... I figured the drain could act as a garbage dump :) Sooooo.... slowly I peeled the diaper away- I really had never seen anything like this- this diaper was probably 5 lbs. heavy and the poo was smeared everywhere... ahhhhhhhhh. I sat her down and ran back in her room and pushed the diaper through the diaper genie- those of you who are moms know that it didn't work quite like that- it was more like poking the diaper with one finger through the genie hole... I was praying "PLEASE GOD LET THIS DIAPER BE EATEN UP BY THIS CONTRAPTION! NEVER TO BE SMELLED OR SEEN AGAIN!" After I had carefully "poked" the diaper through, I ran back to the shower- Maeve was sitting reading her bath books (good thing she's got an unatural obsession with her bath books! I can't even imagine the damage that could've been done if that poopy butt would've been running through the house!) I hopped in the shower with her- all the while stifling gags- and turned on the water. For the past 5 minutes or so I had been using my pinky fingers to pick at her clothes, poke at her diapers and trying anything I could to avoid touching my poo covered daughter. But as I turned the water on, I picked her up, poo and all, and rocked her in the shower and with my own bare hands, scraped the poopy off her back and out of her hair. Wow I love this kid :)

Flash forward to an hour later- Maeve is cleaned, I am cleaned, her bed is lysoled up- we were ready to go to "Make It Your Own." I had been planning on a trip to the pottery painting place for a few days- I got this adorable idea from a friend (Jessy) to make a platter every Christmas- with the kids handprints on it, the year, and their names. Of course this year, we have one pink handprint, one name and the year 2008. It was going to be a present for Ryan, but it won't be done until next week :( So, instead I think I'm just going to make it a tradition and gift it to myself :) Maybe in 10 years we'll have a platter set big enough to feed a group! Its fun to think about all the handprints that could potentially cover platters and dishes.

To sum it all up, today was a heck of a day. There is a part of me that feels tremendously guilty for crying over poop. And there's another part of me that is proud I actually handled the poop. :) I think I just said this in my previous blog post, but I am ever so grateful that God doesn't give children memories until the age of 2 or so :) Because crying with my head in the blinds isn't something I want Maeve to remember...

Thanks Lord for giving us new days, new opportunities and a fresh start!


Anonymous said...

O-Ashley we've all cried over poop like that!!!! I think every Mom dreads the poop or puke!!!! It sounds like you did a great job!!! I'm so jealous/happy that your doing the plates (cups, serving dishes, bowls depending on how many kids you have)!!! It is going to be so amazing 15 years from now to get those out and look at all those little foot and hand prints!!! Your such a great Mom!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Kase and Jules said...

Ash, you are too damn funny :) I am glad that the day turned out better sis!

Allison said...

HAHAHAHA I LOVED the poop story but sorry you had to clean it all up! There is nothing wrong with crying over a situation like that! I would've done the same thing I'm sure!

So I want to check out that pottery place too- maybe for father's day we can do that:) I don't think Madelyn will do very well with her handprint right now- how did Maeve do??
How much was your plate? and also are they for decoration or do you actually use them as a plate. It sounded from like Jessy was saying you can use them to eat off of. If so, way cool! Let me know:)

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Pottery is AWESOME! I've been a few times and its a lot of fun.

I have to say...we've all experienced the dreaded poo explosions (some of Avah's happened in public, but we won't talk about those!), but to hear you put it in words is actually pretty funny. Hope you can look back on it and laugh. :)

Ashley said...

The pottery place was pretty cool- the lady that runs it is a bit off- but other than that it was fun. We literally were there for 5 minutes- I picked out a platter, washed Maeve's hand picked out a color and popped her hand print on it. She did pretty well with the hand print thing... its smudged a little but thats what makes it fun :) Our SECOND Christmas together (bummed I didn't do it our first Christmas) so it will have special memories of Maeve smudging her hand onto the little platter. Yes- you can eat off of the plates, cups, or whatever you choose- they fire it and glaze it so it ends up looking like a "real" dish. I'm excited to see the end product!!!

Ashley said...

Karen- I am already laughing about it :) As soon as I retold the story to Ryan I laughed- he laughed- ahhhhh its just one of those things! ;) If you would've known me well just a year ago, you'd be amazed that I dealt with the poop. I am a germaphobe and like a lot of you know, I actually take meds. for my anxiety and OCD. SO to peel poop off of Maeve was quite the big step for me :) haha... anyways yeah thank goodness it didn't happen in public!!!! You'll have to blog about it if it does happen sometime to you!

Anonymous said...

I started the pottery with Olivia on her 5th Birthday, so we have a couple of mugs, and now a plate for her 7th!!! She drinks hot coco out of her special mugs all the time, and every birthday it's a big deal to get them out for brakfast, lunch and dinner!!! I do think I'm going to start the Christmas thing now, a little late but better then never!!! I just can imagine having my Grandkids over for Christmas dinner with a full set of dishes with their parents little handprints on them, how cool would that be!!!! Good luck to you girls, O and try out the one by Maggie Moo's (make it your own) I like that one a ton more!!! Also they have letter stickers there, you can put them on the plate before you paint them and then peel them off, turns out great!!!!