Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vista Grand Villa, Christmas '08

Tonight was the annual dance performance at the local "old-folks home," "Vista Grand Villa." The dancers did great as always, but I had my own little star of the show :) Maeve absolutely LOVED being backstage with all the pretty costumes and dancers. And as she watched her Auntie Em, she squealed with delight :) Auntie Em kept giving Maeve little smiles every time she'd come over to our side of the stage and Maeve thought it was ridiculous that she couldn't climb right up on stage with her! Needless to say, I had to take her out to the lobby many times... but we got some cute pictures and they had this GIANT- life sized Santa Clause- she was hooked on him! She also found a flight of stairs that was a ton of fun to climb up and down and up and down and up and down. Yeeeaaahhh. And any of you who know Maeve and my family, you know that "Nana" is Maeve's looooove! She looooves her some "Nana Banana" as we lovingly refer to my mom. I had to keep to the view of my mom blocked because if Maeve were to catch sight of her she'd be screeching and running and squirming her way across the room. Well finally, at the end of the performance, my mom had called all the dancers on stage to take their bows and my mom walked right in front to the middle of the stage, and that was it- Maeve took off- in her little tutu and ballet slippers across the front row of the audience and into my moms arms. The entire audience started to do their "oohs and ahhhs" and clapping... which in turn made Maeve turn around to face the audience and start clapping,which then led the audience to erupt in laughter. It was wonderful to see little MaeMae bring so much joy to all those residents :)

After the show Maeve got the chance to take the stage solo- and there were a few residents who stayed to watch Maeve spin in circles and do her booty droppin' dancing. :)

All in all it was a great, heart warming night. I encourage you to drop in to visit the residents of a care home sometime- especially with your little ones- the happiness and tears in their eyes spoke volumes and definitely trumped any fears I had about germs and that "icky nursing home smell."

Here are some pics from our night... enjoy!


Allison said...

awww- I'm sure my Nana enjoyed the show! She's my 96 year old G. grandma who lives there and I know she was there watching Morgan:) I can just imagine how cute maeve was!! How sweet:)

Ashley said...

oh cool!!! I bet she was!!! It was so sweet to see them all- they were SO excited to see all the dancers!

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

LOVE the tu tu's. I can't wait to get Avah into dance. Aghhh...I'm so looking forward to doing lots of cutsie girlie stuff with her.
Hope you have a great weekend. Hope Maeves teeth come in fast so she feels better soon.