Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Besides the mastitis that plagued me about 500 times during my first 2 months of breastfeeding and the tooth extraction gone wrong that just happened over Thanksgiving, this is the sickest I've felt in a LONG time. I feel like I've got a combo of a sinus infection and strep throat. Its horrible! And what makes everything a hundred times worse is that Maeve is sick with the same exact thing. I feel so horrible for her because I can at least take cough drops and throat sucker things to soothe my throat. Maeve just gets dose after dose of motrin and tylenol. We've been quarantined to our bedroom- meaning Ryan is sleeping on the couch (mostly because he can't get any sleep with me coughing and sneezing all night long. And Maeve is up so frequently that its nice to have her next to me. She usually just needs some rocking and she'll go back to sleep.

Here's some good news: for the 3rd day in a row NO JURY DUTY FOR ME!!! HOOOOORAY! Its awesome! Now if the MaeMae and I could only get over this nasty flu thing...

One more note- Christmas is coming up so fast- I'm excited for the actual Christmas day, but I am more excited for the stress of shopping and money to be OVER. I've still got a few things to get and I'm becoming continually irritated by the overcrowded stores and parking lots. However, I am enjoying the Christmas movies- Maeve and I have actually been watching them at night. She zonks out but its still fun to watch them.

Ugh my eyes are burning and my head is throbbing. Peace out!


Allison said...

I feel your pain Ash! I'm sick too and it sucks. I stayed home today and am getting to the doc. for some medicine. I know I have a sinus infection because that's what I ALWAYS get and my head and eyes are throbbing too:( Madelyn has a nasty cough and runny nose again but I think she feels a little better than I do. She's gotten so many teeth in the last couple weeks that I think that's part of her problem though. She has a grand total of 7 as of a week ago so possibly more are coming soon! I hope you guys feel better soon!

Becky said...

feel better soon!!!!