Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am NOT Cooking Tonight!

No way, no how- we're totally getting take-out. You know when you're sick and it keeps snowballing into a worse case of whatever you have? Thats whats happening here in the McKenney household. Both Maeve and I started out with some annoying running noses, low grade fevers, etc. But last night I spiked a high fever, a horribly sore throat and a bronchitis-y cough. I was utterly miserable. Maeve was up every couple of hours just crying/whining- it sounded so sad. Ryan was getting up with her, but everytime he'd get up, I'd wake up and it would take an hour for me to get back to sleep. And I was so delerious from all the Nyquil, Tylenol PM and other junk I was taking that I kept asking for more... Ryan had to keep telling me that I'd already taken that and I couldn't have anymore... haha. It was pretty bad. My mom is supposed to come over around 10 or so to help out a bit. I desperately need some good sleep! Maeve is actually doing a lot better than me this morning- she seems to be OKAY- just a little fussy and a really, really gross nose. Other than that though she's been playing with her toys and she even ate a good amount of cereal this morning.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning- I am pretty sure its either a sinus infection, strep throat or just a bad cold... maybe bronchitis. Who knows? But whatever it is, its knocking me down and driving me nuts. I am assuming its not the flu because I got my flu shot... ugh...

Well Maeve and I are both staying in our PJs all day (until work at 4). Here are some pics of our sick day at home :(

She loves this book- its got pics of me, Ryan and her in it... she goes through it and says "Mama," "Dada," "Baby!" Its really cute!

Look at that yummy runny nose... ICKKKKKKKK!!!!!!

Playing with some of her favorite toys... Sickness doesn't keep her down! :)


Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Benn has the same turtle night light from the Toy House. Don't you love it!? Anyway, hope you feel better sicko. :)

The Paulk's said...

You know what the worst part about the girls having a running nose is...snot in their hair! GROSS! I'm growing RIley's bangs out and when she's got a runny nose I have to wash her hair like 2x's/day! UGH!

Hope you both start feeling better!